A new feature wherein we gaze into Cheezburger, Cheezburger gazes back at us, and you get the who, what, where and when about the people working hard for your Internet!

Kirsten Martin | The Daily What Team Lead

What do you do and how long have you been doing it?
The Daily What! 3 weeks! But I’ve been “curating” and “aggregating” via Facebook for years. Most of my friends have probably hidden me from their feeds.

Do your friends and parents understand where you work?
Actually, my parents get it more than my friends. My sorority sisters are pretty much, “Cats? But you hate animals,” and “Didn’t you USED to write a blog?”

What’s the most “interesting” thing that’s happened to you while you’ve worked at Cheezburger?
I’ve made it to Queen Anne! I work in the suburbs! I’ve lived in Pioneer Square for two years and I had trouble finding the QA Safeway last week. I’m exploring and discovering something new (The Spectator!) every day.

Tell us a behind-the-scenes story!
Ben told me in my interview — and I’m paraphrasing! — that whoever took over The Daily What would get hate mail for years. He is turning out to be right. If I knew then what I know now… No, seriously, I’m converting people slowly but surely. I killed one hater with kindness via email, and now we’re besties.

Favorite meme right now?
I’m still learning about memes. Probably Bill crashing Obama’s press conference that’s been going around this week. I’m a politics junkie.

Is there anything you used to think was terrible that you now think is really funny?
Animals. I’ve never liked them! But now that I have to find one or two videos every day for The Daily What, I’m the weird girl laughing out loud by herself in the office at 7 a.m.

So you’ve never seen Star Wars or Indiana Jones. Are there any other big pop culture things you’ve never experienced? (My dad has never eaten a donut.)
MUSIC. All music. I am terrible at it — name the artist, name the album, name the era, name the tour — I fail at ALL OF IT. If anyone wants to guest post on TDW when breaking music news happen, you’re more than welcome. Unless it’s about John Mayer or Norah Jones, I’m not qualified.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?
I was ET for Halloween when I was 9 months old.