We here at Cheezburger HQ are getting into the spirit of the 2012 Olympics just like the rest of you—and we have an amazing Cheezburger site we want to share! Created by fellow Cheezburger roniharvey, we’re excited to share Cat Olympics 2012 with you, our dedicated spectators!
Boasting over 50 pages of photos, some of the Olympics’ highlighted (and very serious) events include “Chasing Around a Blue and White Ball”, “Synchronized Sleeping”, “Chair Vaulting”, “Stare Down”, and “Screen Climbing”.
It’s also important to mention that though it’s referred to as “The Cat Olympics” you may glimpse other animals as well on these pages—perhaps some birds engaged in “Synchronized Flying” or a pair of albino hamsters honing their “Synchronized Nomming” skills?
Kick back, relax, and let the 2012 Cat Olympics unfold before you.

Also, don’t forget to check out our new site ROLFympics 2012 with updated news and coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games!