Submit Your Black Cat Story for Black Friday!

Hi Burgers,

The second Halloween ended, I put up my Christmas tree. Too soon?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner too, which means Black Friday! I’m not talking about the circus that occurs at malls every year and inevitably gets someone trampled in a Wal Mart parking lot (‘Merica!), but rather the annual event held by the good people running the Black_Friday group profile.

The REAL Black Friday begins on November 17, otherwise known National Black Cat Day, and seeks to raise awareness about the plight of black kittehs in shelters worldwide. Black cats are associated with some pretty ridiculous and completely unfounded superstitions and are the least likely to be adopted, especially around Halloween. In order to drive some attention to the charm and beauty of the black cat tribe, Black_Friday wants you to submit your black cat captions, gifs and videos to their profile. Funny, poignant, informational and personal stories are all equally welcome!

Here’s how you can participate:

Check out this lol for more information, then tell us how much you love black cats! You can leave links to your submissions either here or at any of the sources listed in the lol. I’ll gather up some of the best ones and post them on the site!


Black cats are cool.

They’re musically gifted (true story).

They’re fantastically weird.

And they will make your life better.


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Hi Burgers,

I’m going to keep a neutral stance on the midterm elections so as not to alienate the literally dozens of faithful readers who visit this blog. The Internet, however, can say whatever it wants.

Some of my recent favorites from Twitter.

Poor Obama

Canada for president in 2016!

What kind of holiday would you use this greeting card for?

This will not help voter apathy in any way.

And finally, my personal favorite.

On a lighter note, reefer madness continues to take over the country and threaten the fabric of democracy. Both Oregon and Washington DC voted to legalize pot. This brings to mind a hard hitting editorial piece done by The Onion in 2013 weighing the pros and cons of legal marijuana and a lot of obvious jokes about why Oregon took so long.

If anyone sees anything funny concerning the elections today, post it in the comments!

Whichever way you lean, cheers to America and our ability as free people to poke a little fun at the circus.



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You Guys Are The MVP’s of Giffing Together

Hi Burgers,

Yesterday Mike asked me how I celebrated the Giants World Series victory. I didn’t get too crazy in Seattle, considering the rest of the country was rooting for the Royals, but I did smugly wear my Giants hat all weekend. More importantly, I watched Mad Bum give Jimmy Fallon a pair of underwear that he proceeded to dance in. I then felt mildly uncomfortable, but also a little jealous.

Go Giants!

What’s new with you guys?

Just waking up.

Have to check the mail.

Maybe later head out for some new shoes.


Kitty kisses!


Really busy day. No time to stop and chat. Sorry. Bye!


This goggie knows how to relax on Election Day:



After a dry afternoon of going door to door for donations for the alzheimer’s research,

It was time for dinner and football. Champions League!

Some more chillin’ CUZ CHEEZ WUZ BORKD!!! :( Rest of the internet wurkd, tho…

Gotta bee relaxed for two or three more days of ringing all doorbells in da hood! So mebbe on sunday:

Not for mahself! For research to cure alzheimer’s of course! :D

Okay, here are some moar…..


Oh another Gif-Together! I’m afraid I haven’t been up to much lately… school, commenting on My Little Brony, Critiquing the fine art of Rage Comics, having rustled jimmies…

Oh, and working on my mind-numbing technology. So, the same old daily grind I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is what happens every time I look for a GIF now…




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Big Ben Gets Memed!

Hi Burgers,

If you’re a football fan, you might remember a few months ago when Pittsburgh Steeler’s wide receiver Antonio Brown jump kicked another player Karate Kid style during a punt return. If you don’t remember, it kind of never gets old.

Jumped just a tad too early there. Reminds me of super dog.

That kick received the meme treatment when it happened and this week another member of the Steelers is getting the same love.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been having a nice couple of months in the last two weeks, scoring 12 touchdowns in two games. That’s some serious sportsballing and a new NFL record. The Internet has no time for records though, what we care about is this hilarious series of faces Big Ben makes after taking a hit to jaw during the game.

That’s all it takes. Welcome to the Internet Big Ben.






Well done Internet. You have to love where we focus our collective brain power.



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Happy Halloween!

From the Cheez HQ fam!
Yes, the photo is blurry. Is that because we are unfamiliar with our newfangled iPhone 6+’s or due to supernatural complications? I’ll leave that up to you.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!



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The First ever Featured Fur Monsters: Sasi and Shigi!

Hi Burgers,

We have a new kind of Featured User this week, Featured Fur Monsters! For the inaugural run, NCcharmer is going to tell us the tale of her two lovely himalayans Sasi and Shigi (Shy Guy). She’s a natural storyteller, so let’s get right to it. Click the image of Sasi below to read the tale.

Featured Fur Monsters Sasi and Shigi

What does everyone think? Is this a good feature? Shall we keep it up? If you liked this new feature and want to share a story of your own, leave a comment on this blog post!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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National Cat Day Brought Us the Cheezburger Uber Kittens!

National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kitties

Hi Burgers,

National Cat Day Has Arrived! You didn’t think we’d forget did you?
Once again Cheezburger, the ASPCA and Uber have teamed up to deliver kittens for all to snuggle, and hopefully find a family to adopt them in all their cuddly glory.
National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kittens
National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kitties
Look at those cute, curious kittens!

National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kitties
National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kittens

OH NOES! Well, I suppose now I’ll have to wait to next National Cat Day.

If you received some kitten snuggles today, feel proud of yourself because all of your friends are Uber jealous.
blogIf not, don’t feel too bad, these kittens are superstars, there’s just not a lot of time between photoshoots.
If you really need your fix, be sure to check out some highlights from the day!



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“Cats Hard at Work” Giveaway Contest!

Hi Burgers,

In celebration of National Cat Day and in collaboration with today’s Cheezburger and Uber kitten deliveries, we’re happy to introduce the first ever “Cats Hard at Work” giveaway contest.

Want to play? Here are the details.

To play the game, simply submit a photo, video or gif of your cat “hard at work” to one of three places:

Obviously your cat doesn’t work, he probably hasn’t paid for noms a day in his life, but he does do something, and that’s what we want to see! We’ll be looking for the most most clever, cute or humorous interpretations of “cats at work”. Feel free to get creative!

The top 10 submissions will be awarded prizes!

We’ll select 10 winners and for prizes, we’ve teamed up with the hopelessly addicting app-driven robot toy company Sphero! These little bots connect to your smartphone or tablet and are super fun! Your cat will be excited too.

The first place winner will win a limited edition Sphero “Darkside Ollie”! Check it out.

All nine runners up will receive an equally entertaining Sphero 2.0

We’ll announce the winners on October 30, 2014.

That’s it everyone, now get out there and share your cat with Cheezburger for a chance to win. If you have any questions about the game, leave them in the comments.

Be sure to also follow all of the Cheezburger and Uber kitten delivery action on Lolcats today too!


Official Contest Rules
Contest Eligibility


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A Little Gif-Together Tribute

Hi Burgers,

If you’re a baseball fan, you know the league lost one of its most promising players in years last weekend in a car accident. Here’s to you Oscar Taveras from this tiny corner of the Internet.

Let’s not be gloomy though! What’s new with you guys?

Playing Peek-a-Boo


Cat in Underwear (I don’t know who’s)


Please stand by while CAT is trying to load WINDOWS


’m packin’ up the summer footwear today…could take quite awhile with cat help.


Work all day at my desk, time for some excercise. Looking at cat pictures on the internet counts as excercise, right?


A glimpse back in time.


Me… at Gif-Together… on time?


Nailed it!

Saw Rainbow Rocks. My reaction was:

Oh, well, now to get back to my schoolwork.

…aw, forget it, I’ll do it later…


You don’t even WANNA know what I’ve been up to.


No Ebola Vaccine For Me! I’m Already Crazy!



MessiahMews (is in the grips of a full on gif-mania).



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Los Gigantes! Seattle Sounders!

Hi Sportsburgers,

Even if you’re rooting for the Kansas City Royals, you’ve got to admit that Madison Bumgarner’s 4-hit shutout last night was a piece of post-season greatness. Hot damn.

What was less great, but still historic in an infamous sort of way, was Aaron Lewis’ split second decision to rewrite the lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner. Apparently we’re all proudly hailing the gallantly streaming early light of dawn?

Lincecum doesn’t like it. You have to feel for the Staind singer, who has likely cemented a barrage tweets containing links to lyrics websites and jokes about ol’ Francis Scott being really Keyed up about the miff. Please also note that Lewis has the words “Don’t Tread On Me” tattooed onto his neck. Yikes.

Dear Sports, thank you for never failing to deliver something amazing every week.

In other news, the best news, the Seattle Sounders played some high level and very physical soccer this weekend to beat the LA Galaxy and take the Supporter’s Shield trophy for the best regular season record.

There were some near brawls

Plenty of Marco Pappa cheers for this goal!

And of course some flaming shield lifting!

Bravo Sounders! On to the post season.



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