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Hi Burgers,

We’re always breaking new ground here on the blog. In that spirit, today we have our first extraterrestrial Featured User. JennyBookSeller is from Earth originally, as far as I know, but is coming to us today from a smooth and comfy rock-piano-bench on Mars where she peddles the wares implied by her username, writes about dangerous chicken salad, hunts for rare books and serenades the lonely Curiosity Rover.

We’d love to hear the story behind your username!
I met my husband, Patrick, when he was just opening a used bookshop in Michigan. I was a proofreader for a couple of years after we were married and I also worked in the bookshop, but when we moved to Athens, Ohio to open a bookshop near the campus of Ohio University, I only worked with him in our store. I’ve been a full-time used and rare bookseller ever since. Now we live and work from our old schoolhouse in central Indiana, selling books and records only on the internet. That’s why I have time to hang out on ICHC (even though I should be listing books for sale or writing).

How long have you been a member of the Cheezburger community and what made you want to join?
I made my first lol about April or May of 2009. I saw a hilarious lol while searching for something else entirely and noticed the website on the bottom of the photo. I had no idea how the site worked, and was astounded when Cheezers started asking to be friends once I’d started making lols myself. I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and the brilliance of the wits who have become real friends. The way folks here pat each other on their backs encourages us to keep looking for the positive, sweet side to life, on-Cheez and off.



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Your Cat Is A Weirdo

Hi Burgers,

If you’re going to be classified as a crazy cat person, it’s only because your crazy cat made you that way. Give that little nutcase a high five because his quirks could earn him a Friskies award.

We found a few crazy-cat-person-creators lurking around Cheezburger that we think could be perfect for a nomination to the Friskies “strange” category.

9 Cat Weirdos That Are Strange Enough for The Friskies!

I know you’ve got some good stories everyone, let’s hear them. Unless you fear the retractable wrath your cat will unleash when finds out.

Friskies Gif of cats being weird compliments of the one and only ani.s4.



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Who Makes You Laugh?

Hi Burgers,

First of all, now that most of you probably think I’m a pothead (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I just want you to know that I never inhaled.

Now that we’ve cleared the air (nailed it), I want to get your opinion. Who makes you laugh? Do you have a favorite stand-up comedian, YouTube star, Tweeter or blogger that you regularly look to for a chuckle?

One of my all time favorites, and likely one of yours too, is Louis CK. Be warned that this clip can be wildly inappropriate at times. Offensive language abounds.

Hilarious though.

I’m also a fan of the work done at 5-Second Films. Again, language.

That one’s a classic.

Mike Birbiglia is another awesome comedian. He’s pretty good at Twitter too.
His story about Catsachussetts is pure gold.

What about you? Share some of your favorite comedians doing what they do best in whatever format they do it in. The guys I’ve listed are definitely more well known, so if you have any gems that we don’t know about, please share. We all just want to laugh (again, not because we’re stoned) so tell us who makes you laugh.



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Everybody Gif Together, Try To Love One Another

Hi Burgers,

It’s been too long, we need to catch up. I promise to not post a soccer gif.

My pup has a little wound by his tail, so he’s wearing the cone of shame for the first time ever.

He hasn’t moved in a couple of hours and looks like a little black satellite dish. Poor dude.

This second gif has nothing to do with anything, but it’s freaking me out and I want to share that with you all.

What are you guys up to?

“This is what I’m doin’…not because anything is wrong but because I like to be dramatic and floofy. ;)”



“I thought summer would mean 3 months of free time from school, but…”


brasil_2014_germany (1)

Poor, poor Brazil.


“Going to see this crazy dancer tomorrow :)”


; _ ;




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Have You Ever Been To Seattle… On Weed?

Hi Burgers,

I hope everyone’s 4th of July weekend was a good one. In a true testament to the freedom of ‘Murica, Seattle will be opening it’s first recreational marijuana stores at high noon tomorrow (Tuesday, July 7). This has me wondering what effect this experiment will have on the city.

The munchies could become an even more public struggle, causing Kickstarters of this nature to multiply rapidly.
Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10
The genius who posted this just wanted to raise $9, but so far has raised over $9,000 and counting. Pot sal (yep, I abbreviated that, deal with it) for everyone, or clever way to take advantage of the drug induced hungry?

Park benches throughout the city might have lines of chillaxers (you don’t have to be high to make up words) seeking a place to take in the view.
This article
is an actual list of some of the best places in Seattle to get stoned and hang out.

Productivity here at Cheezburger will likely suffer as we begin to focus solely on recreating such antics as ‘catacking‘ each other.
Now is your chance to make a comment about our current productivity, if you feel so inclined.

Or maybe nothing will happen, since Seattleites, like most people on Earth, have been ingesting marijuana in some form or another since that first time they bought ground up oregano from their jerk brother in 9th grade. Jerk.

What do you all think?



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Happy Fourth Of July!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Fourth!

Henry is scared of fireworks, so he put his earmuffs on and was ready to go.

…Until Ben decided those things were a threat and saved the day.

You got ‘em buddy, you got ‘em.



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Introducing The 2014 Cheezburger World Cup Team!

Hi Burgers,

Before we all head out to take advantage of some legalized explosives, at least here in the USA, I would like to proudly announce to the world, for the very first time ever in the history of the Internet (I’ve done nothing to validate that statement), the starting 11 for the dangerous, the prestigious, the multi-national, multi-specied, lolspeaking, meme and gif making, crazy-cat-person and brony adoring alike Cheezburger World Cup Soccer Team!!!
We’ve got a solid 3-3-4 formation with staunch defenders and plenty of offense out front.

Cheezburger World cup trophies for all! We didn’t just win because we’re the only team, we won because we’re awesome. Who knows, maybe we’ll make enough people jealous that other teams for us to play will start popping up. It’s probably the beginning of an Internet soccer movement. Bravo everyone!

It’s been a lot of fun designing virtual kits for everyone that played, thanks very much for your participation. I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did and let me know if you ever have ideas for future games. I suppose I have to stop posting about soccer every day now for real. Since the USA is out, I’ll say go Germany one more time.



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Almost A Full Roster!

Hi Burgers,

We almost made it. I just needed one more player to get a full 11 onto the Cheezburger World Cup team. Maybe we should all join forces to encourage violetD, who guessed both of yesterday’s games exactly (she’s clearly in cahoots with FIFA), to sign up?

We do however, have the privilege of welcoming our first nonhuman member of the team aboard. No Internet soccer team can be complete without at least one cat on the pitch. VioletD has loaned the newest addition to her family to our defense for just this purpose. Bailey brings all of the agility and cunning inherent to the feline species to the game. She’s quick on the defense, as you’ll see in her training video below, and unmatched at luring in the opposing team with seeming disinterest before deftly stealing the ball, or mousey toy, or catnip. Maybe we should stuff the ball with catnip?

Bailey is officially the new mascot of Canada!

Bailey might scratch you, but as Suarez says, “these things happen in the box.”

I’m also pleased to welcome aboard one of my dear friends IRL, who is a fellow Seattle Sounder fan and soon to be Seattleite. Mr Dan Shannon brings on board the added skill of being an actual soccer player. We’ll have to see how that ability translates to Internet soccer as there is no precedent, mostly because Internet soccer is something I made up two weeks ago. Regardless, Dan Shannon is an Irish lad and brings that famous luck to the midfield where he’ll be roving across the emerald field wherever he is needed. Slàinte Mr. Shannon!
Duwamish sewn! Seattle’s own! Sounders FC! Cascades to sea! (with a little USA flair).

We may be playing with a man down, but we’re still the best damn pretend soccer team with no rivals the Internet has ever seen! I’ll post the full roster up soon for us all to revel in our glory.



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Is Your Feline Frisky Material?

Hi Burgers,

Have you all heard of The Friskies? More prestigious than an Oscar, and maybe just a little less so than the Nobel Prize, The Friskies are annual awards given to the best new Internet cat videos.

For 2014 there are four categories, epic, funny, strange and res-cute (heart warming adoption tales). Anyone with a camera and a kitteh is welcome to submit their videos.

We’re so excited for this year’s awards that we’ve put together some of our own favorite video nominees for each category! Here’s our first one for the Humor category, feel free to watch them all and add your own nominee in the comments too.

10 Funny Favorites that Deserve a Friskies Humor Award!

Submissions for a Frisky nomination are being accepted until July 21 if you feel like going for some Internet gold. Head to The Friskie’s page for more info.



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Support Your Local Animal Shelter On Your Daily Walk

Hi Burgers,

Ok, I’m seriously going to calm down with the soccer now, I promise. (Go USA!)

I’ll never stop talking about animals though.

On that note, if you’re both an iPhone owner and an owner of legs, or any form of peripatetic type locomotion (I’m so fancy), you should download an awesome new app called ResQwalk. This app essentially allows users to donate money to local animal shelters just by walking.

Each week ResQwalk announces a donation pool (e.g. $2,500) and in order for a rescue to receive the donation, its supporters simply need to check-in to the app when they go for a walk. ResQwalk donations support both cat and dog shelters.

Give it a try Burgers and spread the word! You were already going for a walk anyway, and your dog, or your kitteh at home, will feel proud to have such a philanthropic poop gatherer.



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