Happy Veteran’s Day!

Hi Burgers,

It’s because of those who choose to go and risk everything that we are able to partake in fun and silly things like Gif-Togethers. Thank you to every Veteran for everything that you do.

We salute you!

What are you guys up to this Veteran’s Day?

Having a a quiet day at the office.


I’m not going to show up late for another GIF together!


The bungee jump buffet… Never again.

A true once in a lifetime experience.

Sneaky 101 (gotta be the longest gif ever)

Ceiling Cat Giveth, The Government Taketh Away




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We Won the Internet!

Hi Burgers,

I thought I’d deviate from Sportsball Monday for today and instead restore some of your faith in humanity. Many of you have probably heard about the ongoing battle that has been raging between the FCC and literally everyone else to keep Internet neutrality in place. If not, you can read about it here, but the gist is that large communications companies (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, the Devil etc.) are seeking to pass a plan that will slow Internet service to a crawl for sites that don’t pay an arbitrary fee to whichever big corporation that provides them service.

Activists have been fighting against the death of the free Internet for months and just when it looked like the battle was lost and the corporations had won, President Obama released this statement in support of reclassifying internet service as a utility. This move will allow the FCC to enforce more robust regulations on it and protect net neutrality.


Obama mentions that the public has commented nearly 4 million times against the end of net neutrality. That’s us! Anyone who signed the petition from Fight For The Future that was posted on the blog helped to build this protest large enough until it was impossible for it to go unnoticed. Today the movement has gained some serious momentum with this strong statement coming directly from the president. Bravo Internet, well done.

There have been some pretty fantastic IRL events to help further the cause too, of course! Just this morning Activists from PopularResistance.org organized one of the first ever acts of civil disobedience for net neutrality this morning when they blockaded corrupt FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s driveway just as he was getting into his car.
Kind of hard to ignore that.

Though the fight isn’t over (you can still get updates here) we all can give ourselves a pat on the back for the win. Notch one for the little guy and in all seriousness, thanks Obama.



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Raise a Ruckus with rucussing!


Hi Burgers,

This week’s Featured User has one of the most entertaining username stories we’ve heard yet! Rucussing also proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that AOL chatrooms were the birthplace of the modern troll. Bravo rucussing, keep on cussing (though we might have to censor it).

We’d love to hear the story behind your username!
A long time ago in place far far away, a new website was formed called AOL, I found it interesting and before long I saw a chat room that appealed to me. So I went there a few times and just chatted with people and one time I had made a comment that apparently ticked someone off and they used cuss words to try to anger me. I only found this amusing, so I cussed back at them on line. After a while a moderator came on line and told us that we would be blocked from the chat room if we did not stop cussing. I found this interesting too! I made a snide comment and viola they blocked me and AOL sent me a nasty note. They did not like my screen name and cancelled it (Penisaurus) and told me that I must stop cussing. I told them it was really only my first time and that I was just joking around after someone had cussed me. I created a new screen name and tried to go to the same chat room, but was blocked, so I wrote a kind note to the moderator through a friend and they asked me RU cussing anymore? I said no, but now I am! I used to play online poker (fairly well actually) and made that my screen name too!

How long have you been a member of the Cheezburger community and what made you want to join?
It seems like forever, I have badges, so it must have been from the beginning.

What do you look for in a Cheez friend, and what’s the best way to make a new friend?
I look for people who like similar LOL’s and I scan their pages to see what they have come up with, sometimes you miss some of their good ones if you are not online for a day or so.

What is your favorite site on Cheezburger and why?
LOLcats, I just love the kitties!

What is it about Cheezburger that makes you happy?
Just seeing something funny, something obvious sometimes, that makes you think why didn’t I think of that. I also like the “I Fixed It!” and “Monday through Friday!”

Tell us something super interesting about yourself—an embarrassing story, a quirky habit, something that will make us laugh!
My father was in the military and I lived at Ft. Campbell, KY on base. Just outside of the base was the small town of Oak Grove. I was a teenager and was running around with some of my other teenage friends, when we heard about a small fair in Oak Grove. We all lived on base and the proper way to leave the base is to go through one of the gates, show your dependent ID and go on through, no big deal. Well, we could see the Fair from where we lived and the fence surrounding the base wasn’t that tall, so we climbed the fence probably only about 300 yards from the gate that we should have gone through. The military police or MP’s saw us and told us to come to them right now! We just laughed and climbed over the fence and skipped across the highway to the Fair. There were five of us altogether and we spent a couple of hours at the fair and decided to go back. Well, we could not go through the gate, since we skipped it in the first place, so we decided to go a little further up the road and jump the fence back in. We climbed over the fence and started to walk back to our homes, when we heard “Freeze!” it was the MP’s and they had us on two sides, we ran up the middle and right into a third group of MP’s and gave up! One of the MP’s was a Major and he said and I will never forget this, “We got you, you smart asses!” They actually loaded us up into Jeeps and took us to the MP station in the middle of the base. They could have just let us go, but this was not our first time jumping the fence and having the MP’s yelling at us, and we may have given some hand signals and other gestures in the past that I guess were not taken too lightly and this was the first time they had actually caught us. They put us into jail cells at the MP station and confiscated our dependent ID’s. Called our parents and told them to come get us but, that we were losing all of our dependent privileges for a year. For a teenager that was bad, no PX, (cheap shopping, tax free for you civilians out there), no cheap movies, no swimming at any of the bases four pools, it was harsh! But you could say I learned a lesson from it.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cheezburgers?
Gyros! I can haz a Gyros?

If you could create a new feature for Cheezburger members to use on our sites what would it be, and why do we need it?
Good news of the day page, because it is nice to hear good news, there is enough bad news out there for sure.

What else do you like to do when you’re not on the Internet?
I originally went to school to study geology and I still have a passion for it, I collect gems, rocks, fossils and any books related to the topic. I also like to do woodwork, but my table saw is broke for now, burned that suckers motor up, trying to saw too thick of a piece of wood. LOL!

Where do you often find inspiration for your LOLs?
Things I see, things that just pop up in my head, things I hear that are almost clever, and if you twist them enough they become clever.

Do you have any favorite vacation spots? Is there somewhere you’ve never been that you’d like to go?
I like to play poker at the casinos and do rather well with it, I went to Germany a couple of years ago and loved that, I would like to go to Arizona some more and probably some other western states just to collect rocks. I once talked a group of people who were at a conference with me to go out into the desert outside of Scottsdale AZ, to walk around and collect specimen’s after the conference. They asked me why and I told them free souvenir’s, you may not like them, but I bet your grandkids or children will. I ended up with a beautiful, rose quartz that I found just laying out in the desert. I carried an extra bag full of just rocks back on the plane, this was before 9-11, do not think I could do that now.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
See ya and why am I answering these questions? The adventurous side of me would want to buy an island and live there, the sensible side would just invest and spend half the interest each year on whatever!

Do you have any animal companions, or have you had any in the past? What is special about them?
I once had a crazy half chow, half pit bull that I was actually somewhat terrified of, (it was my ex-wifes dog) I kept leaving the fence open for it to escape, but it kept coming back. Found out in the end that the dog wasn’t as bad as the ex-wife.

As a “Grand Master Monk of Trolls” what would you say has been one of your finest or most enjoyable trolling experiences?
My favorite unplanned Troll, happened when a new KFC opened in my neighborhood many years ago. I started to get phone calls asking questions about the KFC. I thought that was strange so I looked up their number and the last four digits were almost the same, 8’s and 2’s, so people were accidently dialing my number. I actually called KFC and told them about the problem and the manager said: “Well what can I do?” So, I left it at that, the next day I got a few more calls and the day after, finally after three days, the next caller got his order filled and I told him that if he showed up in the next 15 minutes, we would take 10% off. I took a total of 3 orders in the next hour. I never got another call after that!

Dare I ask how magnets work?
Same as dark energy!

If the other cats found out that Abby is your favorite, what do you think would happen to you?
Abby is my buddy, since he is a cuddle cat! Abby is short for Abominable the Snow Cat! Stripy would probably be upset, but Rocky he don’t care, nothing bothers Rocky unless it is food related.

Thanks for the interview rucussing! After learning a bit more about you, it seems like you were born for mischief and adventures. The Cheezburger communities very won Tom Sawyer.


Computing some Gooshyfood


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Submit Your Black Cat Story for Black Friday!

Hi Burgers,

The second Halloween ended, I put up my Christmas tree. Too soon?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner too, which means Black Friday! I’m not talking about the circus that occurs at malls every year and inevitably gets someone trampled in a Wal Mart parking lot (‘Merica!), but rather the annual event held by the good people running the Black_Friday group profile.

The REAL Black Friday begins on November 17, otherwise known National Black Cat Day, and seeks to raise awareness about the plight of black kittehs in shelters worldwide. Black cats are associated with some pretty ridiculous and completely unfounded superstitions and are the least likely to be adopted, especially around Halloween. In order to drive some attention to the charm and beauty of the black cat tribe, Black_Friday wants you to submit your black cat captions, gifs and videos to their profile. Funny, poignant, informational and personal stories are all equally welcome!

Here’s how you can participate:

Check out this lol for more information, then tell us how much you love black cats! You can leave links to your submissions either here or at any of the sources listed in the lol. I’ll gather up some of the best ones and post them on the site!


Black cats are cool.

They’re musically gifted (true story).

They’re fantastically weird.

And they will make your life better.


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Hi Burgers,

I’m going to keep a neutral stance on the midterm elections so as not to alienate the literally dozens of faithful readers who visit this blog. The Internet, however, can say whatever it wants.

Some of my recent favorites from Twitter.

Poor Obama

Canada for president in 2016!

What kind of holiday would you use this greeting card for?

This will not help voter apathy in any way.

And finally, my personal favorite.

On a lighter note, reefer madness continues to take over the country and threaten the fabric of democracy. Both Oregon and Washington DC voted to legalize pot. This brings to mind a hard hitting editorial piece done by The Onion in 2013 weighing the pros and cons of legal marijuana and a lot of obvious jokes about why Oregon took so long.

If anyone sees anything funny concerning the elections today, post it in the comments!

Whichever way you lean, cheers to America and our ability as free people to poke a little fun at the circus.



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You Guys Are The MVP’s of Giffing Together

Hi Burgers,

Yesterday Mike asked me how I celebrated the Giants World Series victory. I didn’t get too crazy in Seattle, considering the rest of the country was rooting for the Royals, but I did smugly wear my Giants hat all weekend. More importantly, I watched Mad Bum give Jimmy Fallon a pair of underwear that he proceeded to dance in. I then felt mildly uncomfortable, but also a little jealous.

Go Giants!

What’s new with you guys?

Just waking up.

Have to check the mail.

Maybe later head out for some new shoes.


Kitty kisses!


Really busy day. No time to stop and chat. Sorry. Bye!


This goggie knows how to relax on Election Day:



After a dry afternoon of going door to door for donations for the alzheimer’s research,

It was time for dinner and football. Champions League!

Some more chillin’ CUZ CHEEZ WUZ BORKD!!! :( Rest of the internet wurkd, tho…

Gotta bee relaxed for two or three more days of ringing all doorbells in da hood! So mebbe on sunday:

Not for mahself! For research to cure alzheimer’s of course! :D

Okay, here are some moar…..


Oh another Gif-Together! I’m afraid I haven’t been up to much lately… school, commenting on My Little Brony, Critiquing the fine art of Rage Comics, having rustled jimmies…

Oh, and working on my mind-numbing technology. So, the same old daily grind I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is what happens every time I look for a GIF now…




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Big Ben Gets Memed!

Hi Burgers,

If you’re a football fan, you might remember a few months ago when Pittsburgh Steeler’s wide receiver Antonio Brown jump kicked another player Karate Kid style during a punt return. If you don’t remember, it kind of never gets old.

Jumped just a tad too early there. Reminds me of super dog.

That kick received the meme treatment when it happened and this week another member of the Steelers is getting the same love.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been having a nice couple of months in the last two weeks, scoring 12 touchdowns in two games. That’s some serious sportsballing and a new NFL record. The Internet has no time for records though, what we care about is this hilarious series of faces Big Ben makes after taking a hit to jaw during the game.

That’s all it takes. Welcome to the Internet Big Ben.






Well done Internet. You have to love where we focus our collective brain power.



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Happy Halloween!

From the Cheez HQ fam!
Yes, the photo is blurry. Is that because we are unfamiliar with our newfangled iPhone 6+’s or due to supernatural complications? I’ll leave that up to you.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!



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The First ever Featured Fur Monsters: Sasi and Shigi!

Hi Burgers,

We have a new kind of Featured User this week, Featured Fur Monsters! For the inaugural run, NCcharmer is going to tell us the tale of her two lovely himalayans Sasi and Shigi (Shy Guy). She’s a natural storyteller, so let’s get right to it. Click the image of Sasi below to read the tale.

Featured Fur Monsters Sasi and Shigi

What does everyone think? Is this a good feature? Shall we keep it up? If you liked this new feature and want to share a story of your own, leave a comment on this blog post!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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National Cat Day Brought Us the Cheezburger Uber Kittens!

National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kitties

Hi Burgers,

National Cat Day Has Arrived! You didn’t think we’d forget did you?
Once again Cheezburger, the ASPCA and Uber have teamed up to deliver kittens for all to snuggle, and hopefully find a family to adopt them in all their cuddly glory.
National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kittens
National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kitties
Look at those cute, curious kittens!

National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kitties
National Cat Day cheezburger Uber Kittens

OH NOES! Well, I suppose now I’ll have to wait to next National Cat Day.

If you received some kitten snuggles today, feel proud of yourself because all of your friends are Uber jealous.
blogIf not, don’t feel too bad, these kittens are superstars, there’s just not a lot of time between photoshoots.
If you really need your fix, be sure to check out some highlights from the day!



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