Russia Is Training Seals To Become Navy Seals! Believe It!

It looks like Russia is attempting to kill its enemy with cuteness in this unreal footage of seals training to become the next Universal Soldier. We have police dogs, so I guess it was only a matter of time before “the dogs of the sea” were recruited to join the force.  Just take a look.


They speak hundreds of languages.



They can do 360s while holding customized guns. *together, there is no blind spot*


Look at that endurance!



Admit it, you wish you looked this good in a hat.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.12.28 AM


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GTA V on the PC is Pure Madness!

Once Grand Theft Auto V hit the PC, we knew it wouldn’t take long for the mods to start rolling in. Now, my absolute favorite thing on the Internet is to follow the daily chaos GTA V gamers can cook up. If you are unfamiliar with the epicness, allow me to introduce you to the insanity. :)

You know, just a chicken, humpback whale, a seagull, and a cat raising hell in Los Santos.

How about a mod to turn every cutscene into a ragdoll showcase? *Never skip a cutscene again*

 A chick in underwear and heels is shooting cars with cars. NBD

How about a flying chimpanzee shooting cars with cars?

The city life is no life for a whale.


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Such Sports! Many Wins!

If you haven’t noticed, it has been a truly epic week in sports highlights. Allow me to assist you in scoring a recap.

To all those ping pong fans out there, this rally is being called “the point of the century.” The insanity lasts 17 seconds, which is equivalent to a lifetime in ping pong.


The roof was nowhere to be found after the Tampa Bay Lightening treated their home fans to a buzzer beating playoff goal for the win. Aside from Gordon Bombay’s triple deke, this is one of the craziest moments in hockey you could possibly witness. Montreal Canadien fans will never ever forget.


A bicycle kick is nice, but a double bicycle could possibly be the nastiest goal you will ever see. Get a load of these high school kids and then spend the rest of your life trying to replicate it in FIFA.


Shaq’s running joke on Inside the NBA is the day he’ll score a million of views on YouTube. Well, that day has finally come. Watch the Big Aristotle lose his shoe and completely destroy the TNT set. Then check out the hilarious memes that followed.


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Tacos And Action Figures: A Cheezburger Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

Hey, Burgers!

I hope your week is going swimmingly. Today is Cinco de Mayo, so our besties over at I Has A Hotdog put together a nifty caption contest with some of the most adorable dogs. Because who doesn’t love a pup wearing a tiny hat?


Click here for the caption contest!


Speaking of cool stuff happening today, did anyone get their free breakfast from Taco Bell? Unfortunately we all missed it here in the office because our local restaurant doesn’t open until lunch. Womp womp.

BUT…this came today!



It’s a Cody action figure!

I won this custom action figure a few weeks back during a social media contest Taco Bell was putting on to promote their new breakfast. And honestly, this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever owned. (Disclaimer: Chad made me show you all this because he is genuinely more excited than I am.)  


Check out the creepy dystopian video that inspired Taco Bell’s breakfast.


Cheers! *sips margarita*



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May The Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!

Today, the office is buzzing with Star Wars content and I LOVE it! Did anyone else wear a Star Wars shirt today?

Our Twitter account has officially fallen to the Dark Side. Darth Vader, aka @DepressedDarth, will be using the power of the fourth to recruit our followers and only the LOLs can bring Cheezburger back to the light. Make sure you follow along!

I woke up to an exclusive Vanity Fair photo shoot that featured the crossguard lightsaber weilding Sith, Kylo Ren.

Light Star Char


Then, once I realized my breakfast didn’t have enough Star Wars, I went shopping for some Star Wars kitchen goodies here . Need this!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.05.01 AM


Did you hear Jar Jar might be killed off in the new movie? One fan did and thought it would be best to give him a special “The Force Awakens” trailer. It’s amazing.

Once this game hits my nearest arcade, you know where to find me.

YAY, Star Wars Day!



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Why the Introductions for ‘Pacquiao v Mayweather’ Were The Greatest Part of the Night

Let’s all be honest, the highlight of last night’s historic fight was the pre-fight introductions.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel made a special appearance in Manny Pacquiao’s entourage sporting what I’m guessing was supposed to be his best Justin Bieber get-up, he looked more Run–D.M.C than anything else.

Kimmel outfit packk


The King!


The Biebs joined the King in Mayweather’s crew. But, let’s take a gander at Mayweather’s outfit for a moment. That’s real gold.




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Happy Free Comic Book Day!

Did you know that today is Free Comic Book Day?

Every year since 2002, this amazing Holiday is celebrated on the first Saturday in May. First organized by Diamond Comic Distributors (the largest comic book distributor serving North America), Free Comic Book Day has become the new Christmas for comic book gurus. Go pick up a comic today!

Here are 4 comics I pick up every time I visit my local comic book store.

Guardian comicDeath in FamTurtlesDarth Maul


What are some of your favorite comics of all time? Share with me in the comments below!



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Featured Fur Monster: Arlo The Chimney Sweep Kitteh

“Arlo was found by the maintenance man at the apartment complex I was living in at the time. The landlord owned several rental properties and had just bought a new house, and when the gentleman was cleaning it out, he found a cat and a litter of kittens living in the chimney.”

This is Arlo the chimney cat’s story.


“The maintenance worker called animal control, and they caught the cats. The next day he went back and found they had left one kitten behind. He didn’t have the heart to call out animal control again, so he managed to get the kitten out of the chimney himself and took him home.”

Arlo was the last kitten found, but he would soon find a forever home.  


“I was away on business, but he gave the kitten a bath and some food and waited until I came home the next day, because he knew I had two cats already and both were also rescues. I showed up home to be met by our maintenance man holding a very tiny little kitten, and told me the story. He also told me he had no idea about what to do with the kitten and asked if I could please take him.”

How could anyone turn down this mischievous little guy? 


Fun fact: Arlo loves zombie movies.


“So of course I did, and took the kitten to the vets the next morning. Luckily outside of some malnourishment, fleas and worms, Arlo (all 5 ounces of him), was healthy. The other two cats were thrilled with having a kitten to play with—they took to him immediately.”

Yay! A happy and healthy kitteh. 


“Arlo is now 3 years old follows me and his brothers around like a puppy. He is fascinated by everything and likes to be in the middle of everything. I can’t imagine life without our little chimney sweep.”


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It’s Gonna Be May!

“March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.” 

That’s how the old adage goes. But what else does May bring? Probably one of the most prolific and amazing memes the month has ever seen.


May is a wonderful month, full of new beginnings and a fresh breeze. And we have the ramen noodle-haired Justin Timberlake to remind us just how nice it really is.


The flowers are sprouting.

May 2



Baby birds are hatching. 




Butterflies are spreading their wings.  




Anything can happen in magical May. Maybe even this?!

May 4

We can dream. #Britney&Justin4Ever


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There Will Be No “Fart Apps” On The Apple Watch

“We noticed that your Apple Watch app is primarily a fart app. We do not accept fart apps on Apple Watch,” Apple.

The Apple Watch is being sold as a time saver, fitness companion, and stylish fashion accessory, NOT a new age whoopee cushion. According to Time Magazine, the “Fart Watch” app has been rejected, simply because it serves no purpose other than to troll your friends into an old fashion game of “he who denied it, supplied it.”

How it was supposed to work:
– Put your iPhone in an unsuspecting location (under a seat cushion)
– Use you Apple Watch as a remote to push out a squeaker by clicking the “Fart” button on your wrist
– Laughs… Plenty of Laughs


In a nutshell, Apple is a bunch of fun suckers… IMO.


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