#InThe90sIThought Is Trending and We’re Nostalgic

Today on Twitter the hashtag  was trending all day long and the nostalgia has been entirely too real for one 90s kid to handle.

Let’s be honest, times were much simpler in the 90s. There was no FOMO caused by social media anxiety and your Beanie Baby collection was all you needed to check up on when you got home.

We want to hear what was going through your brain in the 90s. In the comments below, use  and join us in our nostalgic adventure back to the days when Blockbuster thrived and your Tamagotchi was the only one that needed you.

Here is a collection of our favorite tweets from the day for some guidance.


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We Want Your Front Page Submissions!

Ello, Burgers!

The weekend is over and it’s time to get back to the Internet, or whatever it is you do on the side.


This week I collected a list of the very best user submissions from the app, as well as a list of my favorite GIFs from the week.

Now, I’d like to see what you thought should have made the front pages. Submit your most favorite things in the comments below!


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Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day!

It’s National Hug Your Cat Day on Thursday, June 4, and we want to see pics, gifs, videos or whatever of your cat “hugging” someone or something. Show us how your cat shows his/her love! Submit all the hugs in the comments below. We’ll post up our favorites in one amazing list on Thursday, June 4. Happy submitting!

Cat Hugs



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GIF A Little Love!

Hey, Burgers!

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re jumping for joy at the thought of warmer weather and time at the beach/lake/river/your preferred body of water.








What funny summer time GIFs have you seen floating (ha, see what I did there) around? Share in the comments below!


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Calling All Pet Parents: We Want to Feature Your Fur Monster!

Howdy, Burgers!

Happy Friday! We are on the lookout for submissions to our Featured Fur Monster series that we run here on the blog. If you haven’t seen these blogs, check out the latest entry here.

These blogs are short features that show off some of the amazing pets that you—our users—love and care for each day!

So whether you have a dog…


Or a cat…


Or any other kind of best friend…



We want to hear from you! 


If you would like for your furry friend to be featured on the blog, please send an email to cody@cheezburger.com with your name, pet’s name and a little bit about their story. We will be compiling a list of pets, and will follow up with more questions if interested.



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Happy National Burger Day!

To celebrate National Burger Day, we have collected a list of the most adorable cats and dogs showcasing their love for burgers. Feel free to share any of your photos in the comments below!

bb bb1 i.chzbgr-1 i.chzbgr-1 i.chzbgr-2 i.chzbgr-3  i.chzbgr-4 i.chzbgr-5 i.chzbgr-6 i.chzbgr-7 i.chzbgr i.chzbgr


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Forgot How To Bear

It’s not everyday that a person will witness a bear in the wild. They’re typically off minding their own business in the woods or forest. Not to mention the whole hibernation thing they’ve got going on. So, you can imagine the shock of seeing a bear walking like a human in that rare instance you do encounter the furry beast. Experts say that bears can walk on their hind legs very well, in fact, some prefer it. Here are some notable examples of Yogi Bear, sans the picnic basket thievery.




You know, just casually strolling upright through a peaceful neighborhood. His front paws were injured, but he adapted like a boss.


Is that you Bigfoot?


After being rescued from a bear bile farm with unspeakable living conditions, this little dude is strutting his way to a full recovery. 


Batman Bear be chillin.


Two bears throwing down over a garbage feast. 


Words can’t explain the cuteness of these two cubs.


Oh! And they also like waving!


*If you have any favorite bear videos, please share them in the comments below!


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Russell The Burned Cat Helps Other Animals Recover

Hey, Burgers!

Here’s a heartwarming story to get you started strong on your week back to work from this holiday weekend.

This beautiful cat is Russell, and he is a patient at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina. 



Russell was found in a burning house back in 2014 that left severe burns all over his body and face. 




“He was pretty far gone, and we didn’t know if he would make it,” clinic staffer Alan Wilford told The Dodo. “He has taken a long time, but he has made a miraculous recovery.”




Since healing from his injuries, Russell has found a new mission in life: helping other animals going through tough times. 





Good job, Russell! Thanks for teaching us to never give up and to keep helping others even when our situation seems too hard to handle. 




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Cats Having Brain Freeze Is Just A Little Funny

We’ve all been there. The moment where the thirst is strong and moderation doesn’t exist. Your mind is telling you know… but your body, your body… is telling you YES. Of course, we’re talking about brain freeze here, people. And the ice cream headache effects everyone. Not just us humans. Recently, the Internet has been sharing the chilling moments their cats experience brain freeze for the first time. Yes, I understand it’s a little sad to watch these adorable felines suffer the unsuspecting wrath their spoonful of gelato brings. But, a cat has to learn somehow.

Take a look at this collection of cats experiencing  brain freeze for the first time. =^_^=


Admit it, it’s a little funny.


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The Top 10 Advertising Characters That Need To Make Comeback

First, it was McDonald’s Hamburglar. Then, KFC brought back Colonel Sanders. The resurrection of these childhood brand mascots is causing quite a stir in our office. For the last two days, we have been tickled with nostalgia as we continue to argue over which advertising characters deserve to make a comeback.

It was difficult, but these are the top 10 faces we can all agree have been gone for far too long. Leave us a comment of any characters you think should have made the cut!

1. The Noid – Dominos Pizza’s 



*Of course he had his own NES video game


2. Officer Krum, Crook, and Chip the Cookie Hound – Cookie Crisp 



*Honorable mention – Cookie Jarvis “the wizard”


3. McGruff the Crime Dog – National Crime Prevention Council



*Chicago Illinois 60652



4. Gidget – Taco Bell



*Admit it, you just read that in Gidget’s voice



5. Smokey the Bear



*Every single time you start a fire




6. Pizza Head – Pizza Hut



7. Mr. Owl – Tootsie Pops



*How many licks? The world needs to know!



8. The California Raisin – The California Raisin Advisory Board



*Put raisins on the map and into your Ninja Turtles lunch pale



9. The Burger King Kids Club Gang – Burger King



*Wheels, that’s all I’m saying


10. Cool Spot – 7Up


*So epic, it needed a video game


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