It’s Pronounced Chech, Not Cheech Or Czech


Hi Burgers,

This week’s Featured User is a veteran, an award winning novelist and a world traveling candid kitty photographer. Chech1965 has walked with lions in Africa, trekked through a volcano crater and tried to extract money from a very particular Russian ATM, but I’ll let her tell the story.

We’d love to hear the story behind your username!
When I was young, there was a little boy in our neighourhood would couldn’t pronounce my first name (Lesleyanne) so he started calling me Chech. I have no idea how he came up with that. I have four older brothers and they latched onto it like big brothers would and it has stuck. Even my nephew calls me that (which was a problem in customs once when the officer asked him what my name was and he said Chech).

One thing I notice is that people who see the word on a page like to pronounce it Cheech as in Cheech and Chong or Czech as in a citizen of the Czech Republic. It’s actually pronounced Chech as in Chechnya, the Russian republic.

How long have you been a member of the Cheezburger community and what made you want to join?
I joined in January 2008. I remember laughing hysterically at some captioned cat pictures someone had sent to me and I wanted to see more, so I found my way to ICHC. It was so new, I was able to read all the LOLCats front pagers going back to day one. My ribs still hurt.

What do you look for in a Cheez friend, and what’s the best way to make a new friend?
I think I gravitate to other cat lovers, but will friend anyone who likes animals…including dogs! Like some others, I’m a tad shy, but I love making new friends all over the world. I actually didn’t have my first Cheez friend until the fall of 2008. I had noticed other Cheez peeps had dozens of friends, so feeling a little left out, I made a lol saying I had no friends and I got snowed under by friend requests from a lot of wonderful Cheez peeps.

What is your favorite site on Cheezburger and why?
Without question, it’s LOLCats. I pretty well spend ninety-nine point elebenty per cent of my time there. I pop into the other animal sites from time to time and make the odd non-cat lol but I’ve never really loitered far from the cats. For me, no other animal has such a range of expressions. They can go from head-exploding cute to pure zombie evil.



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We Need Your Help!

Hi Seattle Burgers!

We are currently hard at work here at Cheez HQ redesigning our mobile app and we want to know what you think with some face to face feedback.

We’re looking for volunteers who are willing to come into our Seattle office (in Lower Queen Anne) to test out some of our mobile products.

If interested, please email with your availability over the next two weeks (7/21-8/1) during the hours of 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

See you soon IRL! Thank you for your time!


We need all the help we can get.


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Cheezburger Won Because Of Sylviag

Hi Burgers,

Let’s go back to the Internet World Cup tournament that we recently won for a second. What was the key to victory? Tenacity? Skill? The lack of other teams to play? Sure, these things all played a role. However, the real secret to success was Catorade. Specifically, the Catorade distributing skills of our very own Sylviag, otherwise known as the “Gatorade Gurrl!


She can actually hear dehydration. Before you even know that a molecule of moisture has evaporated from the tip of your nose, she’s there with her trusty Happy Cat adorned bottle of magical Catorade. You’re welcome.

Thanks Sylviag, we owe it all to you.



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Of Course Cats Can Time Travel

    Hi Burgers,

    Time travel is real. Don’t believe me? Take it up with Lil’ Bub. She looks harmless enough, but remember, that’s a magical cat from outer space you’re dealing with. Very unpredictable.

    This little adventure comes to us courtesy of the Animalist’s new series called CATastrophes. These weekly comedies are recreations of viewer submitted cat stories. The show offers up cat tips too, which is great because we all need more help understanding the nuances of the feline mind. Even better still, many of the cats featured in each show are up for adoption! This particular episode features kittehs from local shelters in the Chicago area.

    If you’re a Chicago Burger (or any other kind of human), now is your chance to take home a real, live piece of Internet fuel and love him or her forever.




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My Top Five Funny Things

Hi Burgers,

The Internet has way to many funny things. You’ll never see them all. We know because we try. So Cheezburger is teaming up with funny people from all disciplines of the humor craft to bring you a biweekly offering of five funny things. Because funny people know about other funny people.

In an unstoppable burst of creative energy, we have named this feature My Top Five Funny Things. Comedian Yannis Pappas is going to be our inaugural guide. Enjoy!


What do you guys think? Is there a comedian you’d like to see us feature?



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Gif Together For World Peace!

Hi Burgers,

Take a moment and let’s gif together.

I’m still in a complete uproar of the FCC.


If they slow down the Internet, you might not be able to get your fix of skydiving elephants.

Join the Battle For The Net.

What’s new with you guys?

“Been catching up on my trolling.”


“You could set up a home made Wipe-Out Course, & have a go:”


“I’m doing my part!”

“Whatever that means.” Meowgon

“Waaaaaaaaaaaay too much sugar today.”


I hear you, Toolbee.

“I’m going to the hospital tomorrow to have an upper gastroscopy procedure done to double check if I have coeliac disease and this is pretty much me trying to hide my nerves ^_^;”
mio nervous




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Fight For Net Neutrality!

Hi Burgers,

The battle for net neutrality rages on! I know you all are passionate about furthering this cause and there are only a few short hours left for us to stop the FCC from violating the first amendment of the Internet. Don’t let the FCC slow the Internet down to a crawl for anyone that doesn’t pay their arbitrary fees. Bad, evil FCC!

Go to the Battle For The Net site and send a comment (as easy as signing a petition) to the FCC demanding net neutrality through Title II reclassification. The Internet has been bombarding the FCC with comments for months and we are making progress! Keep pushing everyone, don’t let the FCC wriggle out of this.

As John Oliver puts it, this is the moment the Internet has been training for. We’re like millions of Ralph Macchio’s, we’ve been waxing on and waxing off in preparation and now it’s time to do some f-ing karate!

Get more info on the Fight For The Future blog. Spread the word!


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.41.53 AM


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JennyBookSeller JennyBookAuthor JennyCatFosterer


Hi Burgers,

We’re always breaking new ground here on the blog. In that spirit, today we have our first extraterrestrial Featured User. JennyBookSeller is from Earth originally, as far as I know, but is coming to us today from a smooth and comfy rock-piano-bench on Mars where she peddles the wares implied by her username, writes about dangerous chicken salad, hunts for rare books and serenades the lonely Curiosity Rover.

We’d love to hear the story behind your username!
I met my husband, Patrick, when he was just opening a used bookshop in Michigan. I was a proofreader for a couple of years after we were married and I also worked in the bookshop, but when we moved to Athens, Ohio to open a bookshop near the campus of Ohio University, I only worked with him in our store. I’ve been a full-time used and rare bookseller ever since. Now we live and work from our old schoolhouse in central Indiana, selling books and records only on the internet. That’s why I have time to hang out on ICHC (even though I should be listing books for sale or writing).

How long have you been a member of the Cheezburger community and what made you want to join?
I made my first lol about April or May of 2009. I saw a hilarious lol while searching for something else entirely and noticed the website on the bottom of the photo. I had no idea how the site worked, and was astounded when Cheezers started asking to be friends once I’d started making lols myself. I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and the brilliance of the wits who have become real friends. The way folks here pat each other on their backs encourages us to keep looking for the positive, sweet side to life, on-Cheez and off.



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Your Cat Is A Weirdo

Hi Burgers,

If you’re going to be classified as a crazy cat person, it’s only because your crazy cat made you that way. Give that little nutcase a high five because his quirks could earn him a Friskies award.

We found a few crazy-cat-person-creators lurking around Cheezburger that we think could be perfect for a nomination to the Friskies “strange” category.

9 Cat Weirdos That Are Strange Enough for The Friskies!

I know you’ve got some good stories everyone, let’s hear them. Unless you fear the retractable wrath your cat will unleash when finds out.

Friskies Gif of cats being weird compliments of the one and only ani.s4.



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Who Makes You Laugh?

Hi Burgers,

First of all, now that most of you probably think I’m a pothead (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I just want you to know that I never inhaled.

Now that we’ve cleared the air (nailed it), I want to get your opinion. Who makes you laugh? Do you have a favorite stand-up comedian, YouTube star, Tweeter or blogger that you regularly look to for a chuckle?

One of my all time favorites, and likely one of yours too, is Louis CK. Be warned that this clip can be wildly inappropriate at times. Offensive language abounds.

Hilarious though.

I’m also a fan of the work done at 5-Second Films. Again, language.

That one’s a classic.

Mike Birbiglia is another awesome comedian. He’s pretty good at Twitter too.
His story about Catsachussetts is pure gold.

What about you? Share some of your favorite comedians doing what they do best in whatever format they do it in. The guys I’ve listed are definitely more well known, so if you have any gems that we don’t know about, please share. We all just want to laugh (again, not because we’re stoned) so tell us who makes you laugh.



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