By now, I know that many of you have noticed our new Cheezburger Collectibles floating around on the site, and it’s pretty likely you’ve picked up a few for yourself.

But did you know that you can send your extra Collectibles as gifts to friends?

Here’s how:

First, hover over a Collectible that you have multiples of (you’ll recognize these as they have “2x” “3x” or greater next to the Collectible). You should see a gift icon pop up when you hover that looks like this:

send a gift

Once you click the gift icon, you’ll be taken a friend selector screen that looks like this:

From there, choose a friend and hit send. Easy-peasy.

After you send the gift, your friend will get an email that tells them which Collectible that they received and that they can see it on their Trophy page.

The Rules

We do have a couple of rules around sending gifts. You may only send one gift per friend per day. But you can send as many gifts to different friends as long as you have extras. Example, if you send Stefan, Kyall and Crystal an Invisible Bike on Thursday, you can’t send Stefan your extra Karot until Friday.

Hope that clears things up a bit around sending gifts. As a little bonus, the first 5 commenters who include their username and a link to their favorite LOL this week will get one of my extra Thermometers.