Some Cheezfriends have expressed concern about the ability to search for friends on by e-mail address.  They were worried that the new feature would violate their privacy and enable people to find their profile when they did not want it to be found.

For around two years, our website has allowed you to find friends using their email addresses, as it is a standard method of searching for friends on social networks. This recently released feature does not offer any new functionality, however it does make the existing functionality easier to use.

That being said, we understand your concerns and in response to your feedback are giving you more control over who can find your account.  We have added a setting in your account that allows you to choose whether or not others can search for you by email address.  If you wish to opt out, simply:

  • Click the “Account Info” link on your dashboard
  • Uncheck the box that says, “Allow others to search for me by email address in the Friend Finder”
  • Then hit “Save.”

Please keep in mind that the drawback of opting out of the email address search feature is that your friends may not be able to find you on Cheezburger.

Screenshot of setting for email searching


We’d also like to provide answers to some common questions:

Why are you allowing email addresses to be used to find friends?

Our website has always allowed you to find friends using their email addresses. The old version of our Friend Finder used the addresses in your contacts list in your email account to locate your friends’ Cheezburger accounts. This method of searching is still available at the bottom of the Friend Finder. The new feature makes it easier to find friends by allowing you to type in your friend’s email address directly. Rather than searching on all of your address book at once, you can search for friends one-by-one.

Is my email address being displayed publicly?

No, we never display your email address anywhere on our website. In order for someone to locate your profile using your email address, that person must already know your email address and must type it in exactly. The Friend Finder does not in any way allow someone you don’t know to obtain your email address.

Do people need to know my email address to send me a friend request?

No.  Anyone with a Cheezburger account can request to be your friend, regardless of whether they know your email address or have simply come across your profile on the website. You can choose to ignore their request if you do not wish to be Cheezfriends with them. The Friend Finder just makes it easier for people who already know you to be your friend on Cheezburger.

I’m concerned about the privacy of my Cheezburger profile. Does this new feature allow people to see more information about me?

No.  We have not changed anything regarding the information shown on your profile. Cheezburger profiles are public, in that any information you choose to share on your profile can be seen by anyone, members and non-members alike. As such, we don’t recommend posting any sensitive or confidential information on your profile. While only your Cheezfriends may send you messages, our messaging system is public as well. We hope to add a feature to allow you to send private messages in the future, but at the moment, all messages are displayed publicly on your profile.