They’re finally here: Googly Eyes!  Now you can have a handful of silly with your LOL!

Here’s how: go the Lol Builder, upload or select an image, and then select the “Advanced Builder” tab, and you can now add googly eyes to your LOLs!

In addition to adding the eyes to a LOL you can:

  • adjust opened/closed-ness of the eye lids
  • the color of the eyes,
  • the location of the iris,
  • add bloodshot veins or
  • add eyelashes

Kyall, the developer who added the googly eyes to the Lol Builder offers these tips:

  • “My best suggestion is to just throw in any picture decent of Nick Nolte or Gary Busey and it should be pretty funny.”
  • “Or, actually, Amy Winehouse, since you could use ALL the options.”
  • “Yo Scott, imma letchu finish, but Comix Builder was the best builder ever.”

So, with no further adieu, click here to start using the Lol Builder.  And, here are a few LOLs that we made at the Cheezburger Factory for fun:

Happy Cat with Googly Eyes