Everyone knows that Cheezburger is more fun when you can share LOLs with your Cheezfrenz, so we’ve made it even easier to find friends on the network!  Hooray!

The first new option is to find them by searching for their profile name.  Simply type in the username of someone who already has a Cheezburger Network profile and voila! Their profile will appear and you can add them as a friend.

Not sure of their username? Try their email address – voila again! Add them to your network when their profile appears.

In no time at all, your dashboard newsfeed will be filled with all the fun stuff your friends are uploading! You can check out messages your friends are leaving each other, new friends they’re making, and all the LOLs they’re favoriting!

We’re always working to make the network a more awesome place to connect with your pals and hope these friend-finding features make it even easier to share the LOLs!


We understand this feature has raised some concerns about privacy. In response to your feedback, we have created a new profile setting related to the Friend Finder. Please see Privacy on Cheezburger.com for information on this feature.