Just a friendly reminder for all of the awesome coders who hang out here, the Cheezburger Network Tools for Developers (a.k.a. the Cheezburger API) documentation has instructions on how to interface with the Cheezburger Network. You can drop captions on any picture, view and manage your collection of favorites, submit content to your cheezburger account and other cool things.

We have recently added support for FAIL Blog content. You can now get random fails as well as send your fails directly to FAIL Blog. If your fail is is epic enough, it can wind up on the front page.

There are some cool apps out there using our API, including our own I Can Has Cheezburger iPhone app,  lolcatmaker for iPhone, and an app for Boxee.  Developers are currently working on apps for Android, BlackBerry, and Palm Pre. If you’re developing an app that uses the API and would like to be featured here, please let us know.