We opened up the Cheezburger offices in Seattle to a group of about twenty people from the Yelp community. The Cheezburger event was one of several weekly Yelp events held this month highlighting local businesses. Check your area for fun things like this to do! Scope out http://www.yelp.com/events for more details or to find similar events in your neck of the woods.

We quickly made friends as we introduced ourselves and tapped the keg. We took them on a tour of our office and then moved on to playing games:  Big Game Hunter for Wii, Trivial Pursuit, Cards Against Humanity, and Anomia.

We noshed on food from Veggie Grill, a nationwide chain of vegetarian restaurants in Seattle. Yum! You can find more information and a menu online if you’re interested at veggiegrill.com.

Check out our cool pics from the evening below, and you can always find us back hard at work at cheezburger.com.