ben and jerry

Nothing tastes better than free ice cream. Well, except maybe getting free ice cream while ALSO supporting a worthy cause.

Ben & Jerry’s (the best ice cream company, like…ever) stopped by the Cheezburger offices today with their ice cream-delivering Tesla as part of the ‘Save Our Swirled’ climate change campaign.

The campaign, in collaboration with Avaaz, is calling on world leaders to tackle climate change at an upcoming summit in Paris. Ben & Jerry’s goal is for international leaders to work toward 100 percent clean energy by 2050. 


Ben may or may not have had 3 cups of ice cream.

Along with the sweet, sweet ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s collected our signatures for a petition urging action on climate change. The ‘Save Our Swirled Tour’ will be in Seattle through June 27, and then it moves to the East Coast.

Check out their schedule here, and tweet them for some sweet treats! (Psst…don’t forget to sign the petition there as well.)

Meanwhile, we’ll just be sitting at our desk for the rest of the day like…