Hey Burgers!

We here at Cheezburger HQ just thought you’d like to know about an exciting (and unique) event happening this weekend.

Fellow Cheezburger Razuli has organized the Cattillion Ball, an evening of swanky kittehs, sweet moves and even a crowned Tom and Queen!

The submissions keep rolling in at: http://cattillionball2012.cheezburger.com, so create your own RSVP in preparation for an unforgettable evening!

But here, we’ll let Razuli take the reins for a moment and tell you more:

What sort of preparations do the attendees make in order to be ready for the ball?

Well, one of the most exciting preparations the ladies will have on their minds is planning the drop-dead-gorgeous outfit they will don for the big event! They will probably be out, gleefully shopping for that purrfect dress or working with their favorite designers for that one-of-a kind creation. ‘Purrsian Cature’ is all the rage these days.

The gentlemen will no doubt be making their appointment to be fitted for formal ‘tails’ and maybe even dusting off their top hats! (The invitation did state that formal attire is required.) As far as the preparations for the ball itself, the planning committee is already busy securing the booking for the ballroom (at the Fritz Caterton Catel on Catalina Island in Catlifornia), and the chef to cater the event has been secured as well. We are lucky to have contracted Wolffang Pug to do the catering. The other preparations include flower arrangements, decorations and booking the band and the DJ. It’s enough to make a kitteh’s head spin!

Are there any traditional aspects of a Cattillion Ball that people should know about?

As this is the first Cattillion Ball, I guess we will be creating our own traditions. I think similar balls were designed to introduce young ladies to polite society, with the goal of showing them off to eligible bachelors and their families! We will instead be celebrating the opportunity for all Cheezburger society members to meet and socialize with each other in a polite and neutral zone (since many kittehs and goggies don’t always get along)! Our Cattillion members should honor and respect the cultural diversity that makes up the Cheezburger community and goggies and kittehs will need to put their differences aside and be polite to each other. Many of our female attendees will be asking escorts to the ball, and I understand those young ladies will also be carrying dance cards, so in some ways there will be some old traditions incorporated.

Is there a King and Queen at the Cattillion Ball? If so, how are the King and Queen chosen?

We have decided to have a Tom and Queen. A few days before the ball, we will send out an announcement asking for those interested in being a Tom or a Queen to submit their LOL. A committee will then choose five potential Toms and five potential Queens and feature them on a ballot for all participating attendees to vote on. Only one LOL per applicant will be considered and only one vote per person allowed. We will crown our Tom and our Queen after the banquet and before the dancing begins!

What types of dances will be done at the Cattillion Ball?

We’re excited to have a full band in the beginning of the evening for the more refined and stately dances, and a DJ to energize the crowd later into the night.

The band is rehearsing more traditional dances such the Waltz, Fox Trot and Two-step, but they’re also going to throw in the Jitterbug and some swing dancing. When the DJ comes on, it’s anything goes, but nothing lewd or unbecoming of our fine ball attendees!

What will you be wearing to the Cattillion Ball?

Oh my…. something sweeping and gorgeous, of course! I’m considering this blue velvet, off the shoulder creation by Ameow Poochy, and shoes by my favorite designer, Kristyen Pussbootin.

What is the thing that you are most excited about the Ball?

LOL! Oh, there are so many things…but I guess watching everyone stumbling around on the dance floor, stepping on each other’s gowns, tails and feet. But most of all, I’m excited because I feel the Cheezburger LOL Membrz Cattilion Ball is an opportunity to recognize and honor the wonderful Cheezburger community! It’s a chance to highlight the exceptional creativity and wit the members lovingly pour into their LOLs everyday, and the laughter and joy they bring into the lives of readers.

Thank you Razuli! We can’t wait to hear more about the Cattillion!

And don’t forget to visit the site and send in your own RSVPs: http://cattillionball2012.cheezburger.com

LoL by: Razuli