Hi Burgers,

In order to focus our efforts on the sites you all enjoy the most, we will no longer be updating the following sites. The last day that these sites will be updated is January 24.

Totally Looks Like
This Is Photobomb
Picture Is Unrelated
So Much Pun
There I Fixed It
Ugliest Tattoos

Don’t panic! We will still post content that is relative to these categories, but it will be filtered into other sites. For example, content relative to There I Fixed It will now be posted in Americana (because ‘Murica!). We will not be deleting the sites listed above, but will instead be completely randomizing the content on each page every day. Because many of these sites have over a thousand pages of content, there will be plenty that has been hiding in each site for you to enjoy. Though the sites will not appear in the main navigation menus, their URLs will still work and they will continue to live in the footer of the site.

Please note also that the builders for Graphjam and Totally Looks Like will remain available as well.

We will be resurrecting the following sites and run them according to the same randomization format (there will be no new content posted):

Historic Lols
Lovely Listing
Engrish Funny

If there are any other sites you’d like to see revived in this way, or if you have any comments or questions at all, please let us know!