Submitted by: LinkinParkZach

Crisp Autumn breezes, the “thwack” sound of bat meeting ball…it’s time for baseball! The World Series began yesterday, but there are many games ahead for those of you paying attention (we’re looking at you blog commenter Mike!). And as the San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers battle it out, it’s still anyone’s series!
In honor of this country’s great baseball tradition Cheezburger is happy to bring you some funny moments in baseball history below.

There’s the time that White Sox third base coach Jeff Cox had something sneakily attached to his helmet before the game, and before his conversations with the umpires…I’m sure they took him very seriously:

And here are the San Diego Padres rookies dressed up in the famous Hooters uniforms—apparently long enough to fly to Washington DC and go out for some grub!

And who can forget the timeless shaving cream pie in the face gag—now that one just never gets old as a post-game celebration:

Happy World Series!