Hi Burgers,

I hope you all had fantastic weekends. I would like to get this Monday started with a burst of creativity, compliments of our very own BGCMEOWRRRR. As many of you know, she was the winner of our “Name A Room At Cheezburger” contest. After she won, we asked her if she wanted to create an image to adorn the door of the newly named Super Cheez Crystal Fortress Of LOLitude.

BGC readily agreed, and in all of her artistic splendor, decided to take things one step further. Rather than a simple door plaque, she has flooded the office with some iconic internet royalty.

Check it out! Click on the image for a larger view.
new lolitude
Thanks for the awesome art BGC. Burger HQ employees are lining up outside the Fortress to gather Cheez power and conduct all the meetings! My only concern is that the other rooms in the office will be neglected. Long live ceiling cat!