Hi Burgers,

We had two winners last week take their places on the Cheezburger World Cup Team!

First we have a staunch and prolific force on the Cheezburger blog, who is as known for his well timed comments as he is for his goal scoring footwork on the field. You may know him as Mike, but we’ll call him Mike “Dempsey” Chowzburgerz on the team!

Chowzburgerz is taking the front position as one of two strikers. Note the slightly modified Team USA crest, Mike will be invoking the blue tongued power of the chow chow to bring us victory.


Joining Mike as our right striker is the goal scoring phenomenon, Klinsmann has called him the wunderkind, a constant threat on the field and the fear of every keeper, Kurmon!

The German Football Association (DFB) would be lucky to have you Kurmon.

Cheers to our newest arrivals, let’s sit back and watch the goal difference skyrocket. We need more players, feel free to guess on all four games tomorrow (Tuesday) and we’ll continue to build the roster. Check out the post above this one to put in your guess.