LoL by: lolseeker77

Hurricane Sandy has been monumentally destructive for people, neighborhoods and houses…and also for household pets! There have been endless stories about pets getting lost in the shuffle and craziness of the hurricane. Fortunately multiple sites and organizations have come to the rescue for these displaced animals and their devastated owners.

Luckily New York City’s shelters have allowed people to bring their pets (a lesson learned from the exorbitant pet losses of Hurricane Katrina)—and many are taking other kinds of action. The Facebook page Hurricane Sandy Lost & Found Pets has launched and features everything from missing cats and parrots, to found dogs and rabbits—it’s heart-warming to see people’s comments as they attempt to reunite animals with their humans.

Petfinder is also really stepping up with tons of information on their website about the conditions of New York and New Jersey shelters, and how you can help them no matter where your animal-loving self is located! The list on this page shows what shelters need physical volunteers (if you’re close to the affected areas), and who really needs donations if you’re not.

This website is also really helpful because it carefully describes the steps owners should take when looking for their lost animals—it’s a helpful tool to use when the reality of looking for your pet seems like an overwhelming task.

On a happier note, there have been some sweet reunion stories that are already coming out of Hurricane Sandy—like this one that shows a woman reuniting with her four cats after having to leave them behind in New Jersey when she evacuated.

Please take a moment to see how you can help these Hurricane Sandy survivors!