It’s no surprise that cats are one of the most stylish animals ever. They’ve got grace and finesse and are so chic. Ben, the CEO of Cheezburger, and Complex Magazine recently ranked the 25 most stylish cats on the Internet and have decided which cats are the supreme fashionistas. Here are three dapper cats that made the cut:

#19: Grumpy Cat
Ben says: “She’s a hater, and we love her for it, and everything she hates turns into gold.”

#15: Lil Bub
Ben says: “She’s a movie star now, thanks to tapping into her fountain of kitten youth, but keeps things cool and chill.”

#8: Business Cat
Ben says: “This cat is all business, but nothing ever gets done. Dilbert, you have new competition.”

See the rest of the stylish cats on the list at Complex. If you think a stylish cat deserves to be on this list, let us know your suggestion in the comments.