Hola Cheezburgesas,

You might have noticed that there is a new cluster of sites located in the blue browser bar of the main site. We are very excited and proud to present En Español! This new group of sites will feature content and lols of all kinds in Spanish.

We’re also very happy to welcome aboard the editor of the new site, the one and only Mr. Juan Pablo:

“Hi, my name is Juan Pablo Chiquiza and I am the Content Producer for our new site: Cheezburger En Español. I’ll be looking all over the internet to find and publish relevant content that will be posted on our sites.

I was born and raised in Colombia but have also lived in other countries in America and Europe. I have a degree in journalism and have worked on newspapers, video games and in the photo industry.

My favorite Cheezburger sites are FAIL Book and Americana.”

Por supuesto, en español también:

“Hola, mi nombre es Juan Pablo Chiquiza y soy el productor de contenido de nuestra nueva página: Cheezburger En Español. Estaré buscando material en internet que se adecue a nuestra línea editorial.

Nací y crecí en Colombia y he vivido en varios países de América y Europa. Soy periodista de profesión y he trabajado en periódicos, video juegos y en la industria fotográfica.

De Cheezburger mis sitios favoritos son el Failbook y Americana.”

Like pretty much all of us at Cheez HQ, Juan Pablo is an animal lover, and no one with a fur baby can resist the chance to show of his little dude.

Juan’s pup is named Bruno, and looks to have some serious eye-mouth coordination

Lastly, before you head over to En Español to check out all things Cheezburgesa, take a look at the first piece of content Juan published on the site.

I can’t wait to see all the awesome user submissions over at the new site. I will be on the look out for things to feature here on the blog.