Hello Burgers,

There are so many strange and puzzling relics inhabiting Cheezburger HQ that one blog post is simply not enough to share them all. So whether you are ready or not, here is a fresh round of the random things that lurk on the desks of my co-workers. As an added bonus and because there are unsurprisingly a large number of geeks at the office, this episode is Star Wars themed.

A short while ago in an office far, far from normal…

Of course Yoda watches over us all. He also keeps the very thirsty looking plant behind him alive through sheer Jedi will. “Do or do not, there is no try(ing to water this plant).”

When I arrive to work each day and reach for a pen, I get a friendly greeting from the Princess.

Using the Cheezburger for cover and the blaster as motivation for me to meet my deadlines.

Vader lives on the other side of the office, fists clenched and head bobbling with Sith rage.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to take baby Vader seriously when he’s got the eyes of a puggle. Look at how cute that tiny lightsaber is.

That’s it for this episode Burgers. I hope these midichlorian powered curios will help you get through hump day.

May the Force be with you,
Cheezburger (and Yoda)