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Mr. Ben Huh once said that “for the past 10,000 years we’ve been biologically engineering cats to be weapons of mass cuteness.” I think we can all wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Now, an app developer called Memrise seeks to tap this awesome power with a new app called Cat Spanish by CatAcademy.

Check out this video (made entirely by professor kittehs) to get an idea of how the app works.


This confirms our suspicions that cats are completely aware of their superiority. At least they want to help.

The impetus for this amazing idea stems from the internet’s clear obsession with cats and a piece of research from Japan, which describes the relationship between cuteness and improved cognitive function. We knew this already, but now it’s a scientific fact.

Ed Cooke, a co-founder of Memrise, believes the power of cuteness will stimulate our imagination and help us to learn. Quite simply, Cooke claims that he wants to make learning a language as fun as looking at pictures of cats, and we agree!

Cat Spanish is available for iOS in the app store. Check it out and harness the power of cute.
cat spanish

To get a more in depth look at the creation of Cat Spanish, and to learn how Ed Cooke earned the legendary title of Grand Master of Memory, check out this article by the BBC.

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