Hi Burgers,

Before we all head out to take advantage of some legalized explosives, at least here in the USA, I would like to proudly announce to the world, for the very first time ever in the history of the Internet (I’ve done nothing to validate that statement), the starting 11 for the dangerous, the prestigious, the multi-national, multi-specied, lolspeaking, meme and gif making, crazy-cat-person and brony adoring alike Cheezburger World Cup Soccer Team!!!
We’ve got a solid 3-3-4 formation with staunch defenders and plenty of offense out front.

Cheezburger World cup trophies for all! We didn’t just win because we’re the only team, we won because we’re awesome. Who knows, maybe we’ll make enough people jealous that other teams for us to play will start popping up. It’s probably the beginning of an Internet soccer movement. Bravo everyone!

It’s been a lot of fun designing virtual kits for everyone that played, thanks very much for your participation. I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did and let me know if you ever have ideas for future games. I suppose I have to stop posting about soccer every day now for real. Since the USA is out, I’ll say go Germany one more time.