Hi Burgers,

Pollyme2 has been a valued member of the Cheezburger community since February of 2012. Like most of us, she proudly counts herself among the ranks of the not-so-crazy cat people and is the loving human to four kittehs. Polly is a caring friend to her human counterparts too and during her time on Cheezburger she has made many Cheez friends with her warmth and charming sense of humor.

Over the weekend, a few of those close to Pollyme2 informed me that she is terminally ill and has just a few months left.

With all of the friends that she has in the community, it is clear that she has touched many people here. I’d like to use our corner of the Internet today to give tribute to one of our own. If you know Pollyme2, please leave a comment, a lol in her on honor or one of your favorite lols that she made on this post. I will gather them all up onto one list and share it with the community as an homage to Polly.

With deepest sympathy,