Happy Friday Burgers,

We made it! Celebrate the end of the week with allcatsloved, yet another highly awesome member of the Cheeezburger community. Let’s show allcatsloved some love.

1. We’d love to hear the story behind your username!
My user name just came to me. I thought to myself that it had to be about cats because I loved all cats. Duh! Easy peasy! There it was! Allcatsloved!

2. How long have you been a member of the Cheezburger community and what made you want to join?
I saw a book somewhere on-line about cat angels and I desperately wanted to buy it. I finally found the author and we got to talking and she told me about this cool Icanhascheezburger site. She told me how it helped her get through a really bad time in her life, so I decided to check it out. This would be the spring of 2010. It really intrigued me but scared me at the same time because I am a complete computer idiot. After a couple of months of making some lame attempts at LOLs, I got my first FP (the lol pictured above) and that was it for me. Then I started getting friends, surprise surprise, and now this is like my second home.

3. What do you look for in a Cheez friend, and what’s the best way to make a new friend?
I think like-minded people are drawn to one another. There’s a feel that you have already known this person for a while. There’s mutual respect, same kind of humor, and a love for animals. I think that’s an awesome combination!

4. What is your favorite site on Cheezburger and why?
My favorite site is of course cats. I enjoy any LOL that makes me smile or laugh, but I purrsonally do better at making cat funnies. The reason for this is because I have so many cats, 16 of them, to keep me busy and engaged in their antics. And messes. And chaos.

5. What is it about Cheezburger that makes you happy?
This is a great site for any outlet I have, be it spurts of creativity (sum mite kwestchun dat), boredom and restlessness, sleepless nights, snerkiness or as one peep put it…snarcolepsy, and of course friendship. This place definitely has da happiness, aifinkso!

6. Tell us something super interesting about yourself—an embarrassing story, a quirky habit, something that will make us laugh!
Some of my funniest moments were too long ago and would involve rotary phones and porcelain sinks, and of course the occasional 2 different shoes, so I won’t bore you with those things. My thorn in the side is my penchant for spoonerisms. I started working for a new group of doctors, and the whole staff got together to get acquainted. I preceded to tell them I lived near a hundred laker ache blah blah blah, translated “a hundred acre lake”, and I proceeded on oblivious as usual while everyone laughed hysterically. A couple of other words were “gratisfaction” for satisfaction and gratification, and “suprunckle” which is I was surprised my uncle…..Yeah, I wanted to start my own dictionary but there were no takers.

7. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cheezburgers?
I LOVE Steak and Shake double bacon cheeseburgers with a side of fries! Drool! Warring for first place with that is anything pasta. Linguine with clam sauce comes to mind. And I love garlic, but that’s not a main course, is it?

8. If you could create a new feature for Cheezburger members to use on our sites what would it be, and why do we need it?
I wish there was an easy way to go through my friend list without having to either scroll through so many pages or type in their names. I can’t spell these days unless it’s LOLspeak and I can misspell that, too!

9. What else do you like to do when you’re not on the Internet?
I love to read. I go antiquing when I can because I collect cordials, toothpick holders, and cat stuff like old drawings and figurines and about anything cat that I think is cool. I do the occasional photography and once in a great while I’ll get out my charcoal pencils and sketch.

10. You have quite a feline family, I’m sure there are plenty of amazing stories to tell. Is there any particularly amazing kitty moment you’d like to share? perhaps a tale the includes your poor dog “Teh Persecuted”?
I have so many amazing kittehs and a few that have since passed that it’s so hard for me to choose a story from. There’s Boo Boo, my eldest at 16, who has traveled with me from Maine to Illinois, and loved only 2 male kittehs in her whole life. They have since passed and she now spends her time watching the others, making sure they stay away from her. Roo who showed up at my house and wouldn’t leave, who was over 13 years of age, who somebody threw away because she had breast cancer. I got her the mastectomy and she gave me 7 wonderful months of her life. Lilli who was thrown away in a garbage bag along side a major highway, found and picked up by my neighbor, and she then ran over to my house. I thought she belonged to somebody until she began showing signs of pregnancy. Needless to say I inherited her and her 4 babycats. Now I do have a goggie named Bucky. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog ever. Pepsi and Hoopie are his best kitteh friends. He trims their whiskers as a gesture of kindness.

As always we will leave you with a collective sayonara from allcatsloved’s furry feline (and one brave little canine) buddies! Have a good weekend everyone.