Hi Burgers,

There are some Cheez Community members that rock this place so hard they deserve a tribute song written by Queen. Sylviag and Booboo22 are today’s examples. In a feat of internet heroics, these legen…wait for it…dary Burgers have taken on the moderation of yet another awesome group profile called Black_Friday! Please hold your applause for the end while we explore this commendable profile.

The Black_Friday theme profile was actually created by a Burger called Rew a few years back. The goal of the profile is to celebrate the beauty of black cats and to create awareness regarding their vulnerability and disproportionate euthanasia in shelters. People often won’t adopt black cats because of atrocious past and present associations with evil and Satanism (yes, you are allowed to feel confused and outraged).

In 2012, Rew found other cyber venues to promote the beauty of black kittehs to a wider audience and eventually passed the Black_Friday dashboard over to the capable hands of Sylviag. The profile has been quiet for a while, but Booboo22 and Sylviag are ready to rejuvenate Black_Friday. With Halloween recently behind us, there is no better time to raise some eyes to the plight of the black kittehs.

Sylviag and Booboo22’s plan for the profile includes upholding the original annual Black Friday theme party where Cheez Peeps can get together and submit black kitteh lols to the profile (though they will moderate the profile year round, so submit freely). Sylviag and Booboo22 also wanted to give the profile a new twist. For some time, Sylviag had been lamenting the fact that “two of our dear icon kittehs, Basement Cat and Cieling Cat” were “losing visibility” on Cheezburger. She wanted to bring these two back into the lime light with the personas of Ceiling Cat as a “prissy do gooder” and Basement Cat as Ceiling Cat’s “not-too-naughty prankster” counterpart. Thus a meme is reborn and black kittehs get some love.

The two moderators have made this concept the theme of Black Friday’s grand reopening party beginning November 23-30. Check out the invite below and then get over there and make a friend request.

This year Sylviag and Booboo22 will also be choosing a 2013 Black Kitteh Of The Year. When submitting a candidate for this prestigious honor, be sure to include the story of how your fur baby found his or her forever home.

Millie was chosen in 2011, click her image to check out her rescue story.

There you have it Burgers. Let’s all get behind this profile and celebrate all the beautiful black kittehs. If you have any questions or anything, leave them in the comments!

Big thanks to Booboo22 and Sylviag!