We know, Valentine’s Day isn’t until next week—but we want to give you a chance to make this an extra special day…for your animals. Now is the time to get yourselves organized and Cheezburger is happy to help you! Here are some options we found.

A lovely heart-shaped perch or scratching post for your kitteh:

Via: boston.com

And since it is still chilly outside…don’t you think your pup could use a heart hoodie?

Via: poochieheaven.com

This one is for owners (very devoted ones)—turn a casting of your cat’s paw or nose into a silver necklace:

Via: dailygrommet.com

A delicious box of treats, specially created to appeal to your pooch:
Via: petsimple.com

And for those of you who are planning on going all out for your dog, Hotel Deluxe in Portland, Oregon has you covered. Your special pup will have their own special bed and snacks—even a heart-shaped dog tag and dog cupcakes. Good luck!