Hi Burgers,

This holiday touches on holy ground for all Internet pilgrims. It quite possibly rivals even International Internet Day in importance. Think about it, cats effectively balance out all of the shocking and horrifying things we can’t help but click on every day. They’re like Internet balm.

Every day is cat day around here, but that won’t stop us from celebrating more and we need your help! As a tribute to the feline overlords, let’s commemorate all the things that remind us of cats with a round of Totally Looks Like!

Here’s the plan, I’ve uploaded a bunch of great images of some of the Internet’s most famous cats into the builder. Head there now and browse around until inspiration strikes and you realize…


Or possibly moley moley moley…


It doesn’t have to be a famous kitteh either, because…


Create your TLLs from images in the builder, images of your own cat or images from across the Internet. Whether you think a cat looks like a person, a thing, a creature or even an Overly Attached Girlfriend, we want you to share!


We’ll be collecting your submissions here and through the submit page on the site and post the best of your cat offerings (not to be confused with the “offerings” your cat leaves by the front door) on I Can Has Animals (and on the blog) this Friday!

Thanks for the help everyone and happy day before the day before World Cat Day!