Hi Burgers,

While we’re talking about sports, or at least I am, football season is almost here! I’m sorry everyone, but I can’t help it. Besides, just like any good money corrupted, overly media hyped sport worth its salt, the NFL is full hilarious shenanigans.

The latest, and most benign, such excitement comes from the mother of Marshawn Lynch, the star running back for the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. Reacting to reporter Terry Blount who essentially claims in an article that the Seahawks can win without the skills of Beast Mode, Mamashawn proves that the toughness of the Lynch name is genetic.

California, Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo Bills
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.25.27 AM

Yep, all caps. Calling her Beast Mom seems a little crass, but seriously, who wants to mess with that rant? the spelling errors only highlight the passion! Lynch will definitely get his due one way or another Mama Lynch, after all, he has an expensive Skittles habit to satisfy.

I’m very excited for the start of the NFL season (apologies now to my loving wife) so I can wear my 49ers jersey around Seattle like this guy last year. BfvBA7SCQAAxR0d
That wasn’t me, but it should’ve been.

You all might have to deal with occasional sport’s post here, so consider this a warning. If there’s a particular brand of sportsball you’re interested in ridiculing, let me know.