Update: It’s officially a go! Glad to hear you’re all on board, though I never had a doubt. I’ll get in touch with some of the people who commented here and get something going. If you want to feature your pet, leave a comment here for now. I’ll get a better process together soon.

Hi Burgers,

I don’t have a Featured User for us this week, but I wanted to test out a new idea to get some of our four legged community members into the spotlight. For the last few weeks, the good people running the Animal Rescues group profile have been collecting stories of pet adoption and rescue from around the community (check them out here). I even contributed the story of my pup Henry to the cause.

The Story of Henry

Bear with me, because I’m not only trying to shamelessly promote my own dog (though I certainly am a little). I think Animal Rescues has an awesome idea that we should expand upon. If you guys are interested, let me know in the comments if you want to participate and I’ll work with you to create a list like the one I made for Henry that we can then share with the community and on the site!

Your animal stories don’t have to be adoption tales either, just something fun to share with everyone. Maybe your cat does something really weird and you have pictures, or your dog can do a few amazing tricks and it’s on video. If you’re like me, you essentially have nothing but photos of your meals and pets on your phone, so I’m sure there’s a story that can be told.

Internet fame for your fur monster, feels for the community and an all around good time to be had by all! It’s a win win win.

What do you all think?