“Arlo was found by the maintenance man at the apartment complex I was living in at the time. The landlord owned several rental properties and had just bought a new house, and when the gentleman was cleaning it out, he found a cat and a litter of kittens living in the chimney.”

This is Arlo the chimney cat’s story.


“The maintenance worker called animal control, and they caught the cats. The next day he went back and found they had left one kitten behind. He didn’t have the heart to call out animal control again, so he managed to get the kitten out of the chimney himself and took him home.”

Arlo was the last kitten found, but he would soon find a forever home.  


“I was away on business, but he gave the kitten a bath and some food and waited until I came home the next day, because he knew I had two cats already and both were also rescues. I showed up home to be met by our maintenance man holding a very tiny little kitten, and told me the story. He also told me he had no idea about what to do with the kitten and asked if I could please take him.”

How could anyone turn down this mischievous little guy? 


Fun fact: Arlo loves zombie movies.


“So of course I did, and took the kitten to the vets the next morning. Luckily outside of some malnourishment, fleas and worms, Arlo (all 5 ounces of him), was healthy. The other two cats were thrilled with having a kitten to play with—they took to him immediately.”

Yay! A happy and healthy kitteh. 


“Arlo is now 3 years old follows me and his brothers around like a puppy. He is fascinated by everything and likes to be in the middle of everything. I can’t imagine life without our little chimney sweep.”