Since we know how much you love dressing up your furry friends we’ve decided to help you by selecting some of our favorite pet costumes that we’ve discovered this year!
Let your pup get lost in the crowd with that familiar Waldo attire:

Or maybe you need a little pick me up for your favorite team? Nothing can get them revved up like Snowball over here:

Of course no one can mess with an amazing Star Wars costume:

And just so your kitty doesn’t feel left out, may I suggest a little pedicure for the holidays:

In conclusion we’d like to share with you this excellent post from ICHC featuring some of our office animals sporting their Halloween finest. Feel free to vote for your favorite Cheezburger pet costume, we love hearing what you think. And really, how can you resist putting in your two cents about the adorable face below!

Want us to see how awesome your pet’s Halloween costume is? Check out this latest post on ICHC for information on sharing your furball’s sweet threads. Happy costume-ing!