We thought that you all deserved a little treat (it is after all the month for sweets), so we’re happy to introduce Comment Codes! Our Comment Codes allow you to add your favorite memes to your Cheezburger comments—because sometimes a rage face is truly the only way to illustrate your feelings, amiright? Beginning with a freebie Comment Code here, you’ll have to decipher what post we’re referring to in the clue—hope you like haikus! Look on the main pages of Memebase, Failblog or ROFLrazzi, and then scour the comments of the post until you find the comment from poppylady. That comment will give you a comment code and clue of where to find the next code. Remember, to actually use the codes you need to remove the spaces between the colons and the words—this will make the picture magically appear in your comment!
Have fun and happy hunting!