Welcome to another lovely Autumn week!
Tonight the big news is the LAST presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida. Presiden Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney discuss foreign policy, and the format will be the same as the first debate (doesn’t that seem like ages ago?). Tune in as Bob Schieffer from Face the Nation on CBS moderates this epic event.

In other exciting news tomorrow is actually the 97th anniversary of an important moment in the Suffrage Movement when over 25,000 women marched up Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1915 demanding the right to vote—and with the election just around the corner on November 6 it’s important to remember how essential all of our voices and votes are.

We also have a few notable holidays coming up this week—I know you’ve been waiting to celebrate National Bologna Day on Wednesday, World Pasta Day on Thursday and of course Frankenstein Friday on…Friday.

LoL by: lisamykittycat101