Lol by: _C_A_T_

Welcome to a new week—as usual there’s a lot going on!
There is another presidential debate tomorrow. This time it’s going to be at Hofstra University in New York with a town meeting format. Undecided voters will have the opportunity to question President Obama and Governor Romney about foreign and domestic issues, with candidates having two minutes to respond!

Doom 3 BFG Edition comes out tomorrow, and Emily Owens M.D. premieres tomorrow night on the CW. It may be another one of those doctor shows, but it looks like it has some fresh and entertaining material—check it out!

American Horror Story: Asylum premieres on Wednesday on FX, and if you thought the first season was brutal, it looks like we’re in for more gore and creepiness in this upcoming season. This season takes place in 1964 at a Church-run facility for the criminally insane. Jessica Lange returns as a troubled nun in a world of criminals, serial killers and most likely the undead (this is American Horror Story after all)—sweet dreams!

Have a wonderful week!