Submitted by: QuadForce

Welcome back from the holiday! Hope you’re all stuffed with Thanksgiving treats and ready for another week.

So, today is Cyber Monday! Apparently on Friday some people didn’t get enough of their shopping done physically, using their legs, so today is the big day for online shopping! So much for counting mall-walking as part of your cardio workout.

Since you may need more reason to celebrate, there are a couple of holidays coming up this week. Wednesday is Red Planet Day, which is supposed to specifically commemorate the launch of the Spacecraft Mariner 4 on November 28,1964, but we can just say that it’s a day to celebrate Mars! And Thursday is Square Dance Day, because who doesn’t love square dancing—those swingy skirts and lively beats.

Tomorrow is also the release of Alicia Keys’ new album Girl On Fire—you can visit her website to find out more about the album and about the tour dates she’s just announced.

Have a wonderful week—snap out of that turkey coma!