We love a good challenge here at Cheezburger HQ. Whether it’s how fast someone can eat five Cadbury Creme Eggs or who can eat a banana in under 20 seconds, if it can be turned into a challenge it will definitely happen!

Today, the Cheez crew decided to guess the flavor, brand and color from five different gummy samples.


As you can see, everyone took the competition VERY seriously. Just look at the concentration on Chad’s face.

The three brands we were guessing from were Haribo, Black Forest and some generic, horrible household cleaner-tasting brand.


Here’s a depiction of what the garbage brand tasted like:


Bret was pretty excited. You could feel his dad joke powers growing with each gummy bear he consumed.


After turning in our answers, the champion received her honor by getting 11 correct.

And our winner was…


She didn’t want her picture taken. So here is a happy gummy bear sitting at her desk.


What is your favorite brand or flavor of gummy? Let us know below—cheers!