Lol by: PetePete

Today we’re excited to feature PetePete on the blog. With his clever and hilarious content he’s become an integral part of our community and we’re happy to have him. You can find many of his posts on Memebase—make sure you check out his profile too!

We’d love to hear the story behind your username!
My Name is Pete Peterson. Though not my birth name, it is now my legal one. Peterson was my mother’s maiden name, I was her son so she named me Peter. I legally changed it when my daughter was born.

How long have you been a member of the Cheezburger community and what made you want to join?
I had known about the site since ’08, but I was far from active. I would say I actually started participating in May of 2011. The reason that I finally signed up, actually, was that I had an interaction with a religious family member that I thought was humorous and made it my first meme.

What do you look for in a Cheez friend, and what’s the best way to make a new friend?
Well I tend to accept most requests that come my way. As for what I look for in a friend, it’s different from case to case. Sometimes it’s wit, like a clever comment. Sometimes, if someone makes too many negative comments about me I send a request, just to see what happens. As a matter of fact, everyone who has made a negative PetePete Meme under a registered name got a friend request from me, and they all accepted, funny enough. I subscribe to Lincoln’s philosophy; I don’t have to agree with someone to call them a friend.

What is your favorite site on Cheezburger and why?
MemeBase. Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme” to express how quickly the Internet can spread culture and ideas. Granted, it has been turned into mostly images about socially awkward penguins and how much bad luck Brian has, but I still see a lot of potential for the spreading of ideas. Also, when I first started coming to the Cheezburger sites, I went through the history of many of them and Memebase was the one I had the most fun with.

What is it about Cheezburger that makes you happy?
Well, the funny of course, but deeper than that, I love how quickly ideas spread on the site. Like reframes for example: one person posts a meme/joke and it can spawn dozens of alternate takes on itself. It is amazing to watch the humor evolve and grow, with even certain iteration become memes in their own right.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cheezburgers?
If you had asked me that a year or so ago, I would have said yes. I do love some cheeseburgers. Over the last two years, though, I lost around 140 pounds. I sometimes like to say “I lost a Beiber!” (I wish the world would lose him too) Now, I would say cereal with milk. I still love and eat cheeseburgers, but now I try to eat more sensibly.

If you could create a new feature for Cheezburger members to use on our sites what would it be, and why do we need it?
A way to see your up and down votes, and how many comments you have on the “My Lols” page. It would be useful to just have the information at the bottom of each lol like on the voting and main page. Also, being able to respond to a comment from the “My Comments” section would be nice.

What else do you like to do when you’re not on the Internet?
I am actually very busy outside of the Internet. This year marks my 10 year anniversary with my wife, with whom I have a 4-year-old girl as well as a second child on the way. In addition, I work as a printing lab technician and a teacher’s assistant, and I am also almost done with my Bachelor’s in Advertising Photography. If interested you can see my work at I am an older student coming back to school after being homeless for much of my teenage years, forcing me to drop out of school far too soon.

What is your favorite submission? Can we feature it on the blog post?
I like all of my posts but I would have to say my favorite is this one. I created it to humorously defend myself, it was my first reframe and the first time I noticed the site reacting to my presence. I think it shows I don’t mind making jokes at my own expense either.