It probably comes as no surprise that we at Cheezburger love animals—all of them, cats, dogs, your little gerbil named Frankenstein, all of them. We are also huge fans of local animal rescues and shelters because many of us got our own furry friends from such organizations. So, in honor of October being National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we’d like to share some pictures of our pets with you. Here are just some of the shelter dogs of Cheezburger, their stories and why we love them! Click on the links to visit the sites that we’ve created, and enjoy!

First we have Dylan, the basset hound:

And the fabulous Mesmer:

And Buckley (with his jaunty scarf):

The sweet Dolly Rocket:

And lovely Sammy:

Nemo just saying hello:

And little Charity:

Here’s Juni, who hangs out in the office all the time:

Wait! Just one last photo of the office’s snow-eating pup, Rudy Kane:

We’d also like to invite you to help us with something! One of Cheezburger’s lovely employees needs helping naming her new little pup (who is pictured below). Please let us know any suggestions you may have for this adorable dog, Heather (also Mesmer’s mom) and the rest of us can’t wait to see what you come up with!