We couldn’t let National Cat Day just pass us by at Cheezburger without some sort of celebration, and we want to share our day with you! First, we were lucky enough to have a couple of lovely feline visitors in the office today‚ÄĒClara from ICHC brought in her adorable boy Bo, and Product Manager Peter also stopped in with the very sweet Casper. We couldn’t resist having a little photo shoot for the kittehs.

Bo getting revved up for his super special day. Really, I think he’s excited!

Casper is ready to go hunting for his missing burger…those fries just seem so lonely.

Group shot! Our models are definitely getting into the swing of things now.

Also, most of us at Cheez HQ have a raging sweet tooth so these cat inspired cupcakes are another treat we decided on for our National Cat Day celebration. Brought over by the talented bakers at The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co., I’m sure you’ll recognize a few familiar cat faces!

Happy National Cat Day from Cheezburger!