Cheezburger (famous for its LOLcats site I Can Has Cheezburger) is proud to announce that it is partnering with Uber to celebrate National Cat Day on October 29 in New York, San Francisco and Seattle. National Cat Day was established to encourage people to adopt cats from animal rescue shelters instead of buying them from pet stores often supplied by kitten mills.

The collaboration aptly named “I Can Has Uber Kittens,” will help to generate awareness for cat adoption through special kitten visits in all three cities. One hundred percent of the proceeds earned from the kitten visits will go directly to the three shelters collaborating, which are the ASPCA, San Francisco SPCA and Seattle Humane Society. “Our love for cats extends far beyond cute photos online, which is why we wanted to find a creative way to celebrate them and help communicate the importance of adoption,” says Emily Huh, Director of Business Development for Cheezburger. “We are thrilled to be working with Uber and all three of these animal welfare organizations on this effort and hope to inspire people to take in cats in need of loving homes.”

Cat lovers in New York, San Francisco and Seattle will have the opportunity to request exclusive on-demand kitten playtime through the Uber app for $20. Uber drivers will transport the kittens, who will be provided and chaperoned by shelter volunteers at every stop. Each kitten visit will last 15 minutes and those interested in adoption will be able to receive more information from the shelter representatives on hand. As a thank you for each visit made, Cheezburger is including a delivery of special designer cupcakes created by celebrity pastry chef Duff Goldman. Goldman is the founder of Charm City Cakes bakery and the star of “Ace of Cakes” on The Food Network. In addition to the proceeds from each kitten visit, Cheezburger will be making an additional donation to all three participating shelters.

To request a visit with our kitten friends in New York, San Francisco and Seattle, download the Uber mobile app. For additional information about I Can Has Uber Kittens and National Cat Day please visit Cheezburger’s website.

  • Uber is also offering a discount to new US users valid until 12/30/13.
  • Simply enter the discount code KITTENS when signing up and receive a free Uber ride for up to $20.
  • Please note that if your first Uber request is for a kitten car, the $20 donation will remain.


This could be happening in your office right now!

The Cheezburger Blog will be your I Can Has Uber Kittens stop throughout the day. The action will be taking place from 11am – 4pm in all three cities. Check out our Facebook page, Twitter account and the I Can Has Cheezburger homepage often for a healthy dose of kitten shenanigans and giddy hoomins taking kittehs to their forever homes! For any kitten action posted to social media throughout the day, please share with these hashtags #ICanHasUberKittens and #NationalCatDay.

Remember everyone, it has been scientifically proven that taking a break for some cuteness can increase your productivity, and kittens are cuteness defined. So download the Uber app, get some kittens and cupcakes, nail that presentation later and revel in your inevitable promotion.



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