Hi Burgers,

In celebration of National Cat Day and in collaboration with today’s Cheezburger and Uber kitten deliveries, we’re happy to introduce the first ever “Cats Hard at Work” giveaway contest.

Want to play? Here are the details.

To play the game, simply submit a photo, video or gif of your cat “hard at work” to one of three places:

Obviously your cat doesn’t work, he probably hasn’t paid for noms a day in his life, but he does do something, and that’s what we want to see! We’ll be looking for the most most clever, cute or humorous interpretations of “cats at work”. Feel free to get creative!

The top 10 submissions will be awarded prizes!

We’ll select 10 winners and for prizes, we’ve teamed up with the hopelessly addicting app-driven robot toy company Sphero! These little bots connect to your smartphone or tablet and are super fun! Your cat will be excited too.

The first place winner will win a limited edition Sphero “Darkside Ollie”! Check it out.

All nine runners up will receive an equally entertaining Sphero 2.0

We’ll announce the winners on October 30, 2014.

That’s it everyone, now get out there and share your cat with Cheezburger for a chance to win. If you have any questions about the game, leave them in the comments.

Be sure to also follow all of the Cheezburger and Uber kitten delivery action on Lolcats today too!


Official Contest Rules
Contest Eligibility