After much deliberation and careful calculation, we’ve decided that Mamawalker’s caption is victorious. We’re suckers for a good pun after all. Congrats Mamawalker, can I interest you in some celebratory peanuts? (Apologies to elephants everywhere for the stereotype).


Happy World Elephant Day

Hi Burgers,

Apparently someone decided that August is a good month for animal holidays, not that I mind. Directly in the wake of World Cat Day, we’re now faced with World Elephant Day, not to mention it’s also Shark Week, National Dog Day is coming right up, Dinosaur Day was earlier in the month and you can’t forget about National Sea Serpent Day. Actually, that was August 7, so we did forget it.

What’s important now, however, are pachyderms. In order to gear up for tomorrow, we thought we’d have a little captioning contest. Click the image below to head to ICHC and caption this photo!
We’ll be posting some of the good ones on the site tomorrow and of course I’ll post your stuff on the blog too.

Thanks for letting us exploit your creativity and for helping to spread the word about World Elephant day. The Nature Conservancy is looking to create some awareness about the plight of these largest of land animals. Head there now to see how you can help (there will be baby elephants if you need a little nudge).

We want this in the world.