Hi Burgers,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’d like to continue the Canadian theme this Monday because you wily northerners are awesome.

Robots! They will soon drive our cars, possibly take our jobs, beat us in chess and vacuum our floors while giving our cats a stylish ride across the living room.

The real pinnacle of robotics technology is just coming into being though and Canadian researchers are at the forefront with the creation of HitchBOT!

This little dude is making his way across Canada (and has already made it from Halifax to an island west of Toronto) via the help of friendly humans willing to give him (it) a ride. Researchers created the bot in a effort to find out if robots can be made to trust humans, which seems like a statement that needs more clarification, but I’m just going to trust the Canadian techies on this one.

We all know the real question is whether or not we can trust HitchBOT. Sure, he is pretty lovable with those rubber dish gloves, but he does have a certain HAL-9000 from 2001: Space Odyssey thing going on during night time rides.
Kidding! HitchBOT is actually a pretty charming little being.

Bravo Canada, you’ve done it again.

You can follow HitchBOT on Twitter and Instagram and all that from his site. You can also read his journal (true story), where he talks about being nervous to hitchhike alone. I think this is the first robot I’ve followed on social media. If any Canadian Burgers living around Manitoulin Island see this friendly appendage bearing bucket on the side of the road, pick him up!