Hi Burgers,

These two movies are coming out soon.

‘Need For Speed’ is in theaters March 14

‘Godzilla’ will be released on May 16

These two genres aren’t ones I normally go for. The ol’ giant monster destroys the Statue Of Liberty and threatens humanity, but we come together and heroically nuke it somehow theme makes me want to see Godzilla win. Plus, there’s the whole reboot after reboot thing. As for racing movies, I suppose it’s really a personal preference. Though I do believe it will be tough to match the badass prowess of the late great Paul Walker in ‘The Fast And The Furious’ movies.

My question is, can Walter and Jesse, a tour de force duo of devil may care recklessness, make these movies awesome? I think so, and so I’m going to see both! You’ve got the gruff, harsh voice of Bryan Cranston warning the government of imminent disaster and the cool collected whisper of Aaron Paul seeking vengeance. I think they’re acting skill effectively ups the ante.

I’m in, but what do you guys think?

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On an side note, when the Big Bertha tunneling machine got stuck burrowing underneath Seattle, everyone at Cheez HQ was hoping for either Optimus Prime or Godzilla.