Hello Cheezburgers,

This Sunday marked the premiere of the second half of the final season of the AMC drama Breaking Bad. I know everyone will be sad to see their favorite morally questionable chemistry teacher/major drug lord Walter White cook his final batch, but we here at Cheezburger are doing our best to give him a proper send off.

There is nothing like a good song and dance to celebrate the means through which Walter originally decides to break bad:


Being bad never felt so good.

People all over are celebrating in the oldest in the most traditional way possible. Gather your friends together, break bread and watch Walter’s fate unfold.

Of course with a meal, you also need cocktails. Hopefully the ingredients aren’t true to life.

We have a lot more hilarious content dedicated to the ethically ambiguous antics of Walter, Jesse and the rest of the Breaking Bad cast on the site, so be sure to check it out while you wait for next Sunday.


The Cheezburger Team