Hello Cheezburgers,

Before Cheezburger arose to give you all your funny in one place, America’s Funniest Home Videos was blazing a path of merriment on primetime television. AFV on ABC is one of the original purveyors of all things hilarious. The show’s audience submitted content features everything from cute and cuddly animals, to that priceless video of uncle Bob setting his beard on fire while grilling his ‘famous’ Bratwurst A La Bob.

AFV isn’t just a great television show, but they have tons of great content on their website as well. That is why Cheezburger has teamed up with AFV in order to ensure that everyone in the Burger community gets a proper dose of some of America’s comedic national treasures. Check out these gems and then head to the Cheezburger and AFV websites for moar!

One Of These Is Not Like The Others

Hopefully no other cats see that this guy is helping the enemy.

The Odd Couple

The hunter has become the hunted. Bonus points if anyone knows what kind of hoofed animal that is.

Check Out My New Ride

Although he does seem to enjoy the ride, by the end of the clip you realize he really wants to take that little truck down a peg. Go get ’em.

Hope you all enjoyed these. There’s a lot more content on Cheezburger and the AFV websites. I know there are lots of Cheezburgers out there with some AFV worthy videos on their hands. Head over to the AFV submission page and try your hands (or paws) at getting your content onto national television. Thanks everyone, and don’t forget to watch Tom Bergeron host ABC’s longest running prime-time show America’s Funniest Home Video’s every Sunday at 7pm Eastern time.