We know that it’s a bit too early for Halloween, but we do want to draw your attention to the fact that Friday, August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Black cats have a bad rep. We have all been taught that they’re unlucky and evil, and because of these superstitions black cats are often the last cats to be adopted, and the first ones to be put to sleep in shelters. Shelters have also said that October is often a tough month for our black feline friends. They get roughed up and abandoned, so it’s extra important that they find loving homes now. And though July was officially “Black Cat Adoption Month”, many shelters will also host adoption specials for Black Cat Appreciation Day—maybe it’s time to look for your own ebony kitteh!

Black Cat Appreciation day was actually the brainchild of Wayne Morris, who invented the day in honor of his sister who passed away years ago on August 17, and the black cat that she loved. He used social networking to spread the word…and BAM! Black Cat Appreciation Day was born. You can visit Wayne’s Facebook page For the Love of Black Cats (Black Cat Appreciation Page) or check out this write up on the Animal Planet blog.

And as a special treat on Friday, Cheezburger user Kristen Lawrence is offering a free download of her song “Cats in the Catacombs” featuring her own black cat, Molly Macabre, as the guest vocalist. You can visit her website to download the song here, and also check out the YouTube video.

Feel free to celebrate your own black feline friend by posting your cat’s picture in the comments, and Happy Black Cat Day to you all!