Hi Burgers,

Today is Random Act Of Kindness Day. While you’re out and about, be on the lookout for little old ladies crossing the street and maybe leave your waiter an extra five dollars. If you’ll be spending a good amount of your day cruising the Internet like me, try to engage in some positive trolling (e.g. “though this is a ‘post’, I still loled, thanks for reminding me!”). If you can’t think of anything right away, go for the gold and reverse global warming (though that’s not really random). The polar bears will make you their king.

Here’s one heart warming story to get you into the spirit.


Cathy’s story comes from a unique post on Craigslist. The pups humans’ posted a message to the unknown previous owners of this once-emaciated, now plump and happy rescued pit bull that was discovered as the result of an eviction. The current owner of the dog holds no hard feelings and seems to only want to give an update of sincere love and thanks for their added family member.

“She is sleeping next to me as I type this, grunting with joy. In fact, she sleeps on my bed every night. Your dog is an awesome dog. We love her so much. The past three years we’ve had with her have brought us (and her) so much happiness.”

Cathy’s owners are seeking the age and original name of their beloved pup. Check out the listing and reach out to this person if you have any information about the history of this beautiful pit bull.

If you didn’t just tear up a little, well then I don’t know.

Happy RAK hunting everyone!


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