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Hi Cheezburgers,

Today is a huge day at Cheezburger. We’re releasing a 100% new Cheezburger iOS app (download here). We built it because life is funny. So the app lets you follow the fun and remix your funny moments.

This new app is about you, your sense of humor and your friends. This app highlights your remixes, your contributions to the community and your profiles. This app, more than anything I have built at Cheezburger, reflects my dreams and wishes for our community. All the mistakes I’ve made, all the great things we’ve done, it was in pursuit of what we’ve put into this app, and what we’ll continue to put into it.

Here are some of those hopes and dreams:

  • Follow any site and your friends!
    Make your own stream of content based on who you follow and see them faster than ever. You can also discover other funny profiles and customize your feed. (There’s no need to accept friend requests. Just follow.)
  • Remix any image.
    You can also remix any image or GIF you see. Add your own pics, captions, and stickers, right in the app. The phone is an amazing tool for images and GIFs.
  • Save your content.
    Your creations are yours to do whatever you want. We’ll save them to your phone so you can use them in your favorite apps. It’s also saved to your profile, so we can store endless amounts of your memes in the cloud.
  • Voting and see it featured.
    We’re overjoyed to showcase the ability for you to vote your favorite content. The Community is front-and-center and showcases your voted favorites.

Phones have become the centerpiece of our digital lives where we capture our moments and communicate with friends. Cheezburger is a company that believes that you should have a community that shares your sense of humor so you can make the world around you happy for a few moments everyday.

Download the Cheezburger iOS app now. Android version is being worked on. Download now and we’ll upgrade you automagically.

The work on this app is far from over. For example: We’ve left out commenting and direct messages. (They will continue to work on We plan to reimagine them to make it more fun and creative. We know that we’ll need to keep making our meme building tools easier. We want better support for videos. Etc. Etc. The list is very long. But this is a massive beginning.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments!


Ben Huh
Founder, Cheezburger


Q: When will the Android version be available?

A: We don’t have a date yet. We’re estimating around the New Year. We’ll upgrade you automagically when the new Android app is out. We’re actively working on it now. If you don’t have our Android app, please download the current one and we’ll upgrade you automatically.

Q: Do I still need to accept friend requests in the app?

A: NOPE! Building your community is easier now as you can follow anyone without the need to accept friend requests. People can still send friend requests via the website.

Q: Is there a way to comment or message each other?

A: Commenting and messaging is not yet in the app. We’re working on a way of communication that should be spam-resistant and super creative.

Q: This is different than your websites. Why can’t I do the same thing there?

A: Yes. We built many features from scratch for the mobile apps, and we’ll be updating the websites in the future. We intend to release new features on mobile first, from here on out. Our philosophy is for our websites to work in tandem with our apps.

Q: I don’t have a smartphone.

A: That’s OK, the websites will still work just fine.

Q: I love turtles.

A: So do we. So do we.