Hi Cheezburgers,

Here is the update on the changes to the Collectibles program:

What are the big changes?

Starting this week, a brand new Collectibles set will be available on I Can Has Cheezburger? and Memebase. Only one set per site (ICHC and Memebase) will be available to be earned by visiting the sites. All future Collectibles sets will roll out at midnight Pacific Time on Sundays, and you’ll have seven days to collect as many as you can!  After that, they’ll be available for redemption via Cheezburger Coins for two weeks and then go into retirement and become unavailable to be earned or purchased.

Why are sets available only for one week?

One common request from you has been: More sets!  Because only one set on ICHC and Memebase is live at any given time, you won’t have to deal with more of the same-old and not getting the new sets. You will get new Collectibles more quickly, instead of getting 23 more Tulips.

We want to expand the number of participants and we believe that having fresh, fun new sets would draw in more users. Though the program had a number of fans, it was not popular enough and we either had to change the Collectibles program or discontinue it.  We decided to try some changes.  And one of the changes was to make more sets available on a regular schedule.  Based on the success of Lolmart’s Shirt of the Week program we wanted to try something similar with the Collectibles program.

We’re cutting the cost of purchasing Collectibles sets in half!

The price of Collectibles sets is being cut in half — complete sets will now only cost 50 Cheezburger Coins (vs. the 100 it used to cost).  Individual Collectibles will cost 12, 13 or 16 coins now — down from the old prices of 21, 23, 25 and 27 coins.  We want collecting and buying Collectibles to be fun and enjoyable. We would like to add fun new features and make it more user-friendly. We’ll spend all that we earn from the sale of Cheezburger Coins to do just that.

Can I still earn Collectibles sets just by visiting (and not spending money)?

Absolutely. Collectibles are free to be earned just by visiting. The updated program still encourages trading and gifting, since a week of collecting will give you extras to give to friends. As before, you have the option of buying a Collectible if you want to, but the Collectibles program is still free for everyone.  We will be closely watching to see how hard or easy it is to collect a full set of Collectibles.  We will consider tweaking the frequency and ways in which Collectibles are awarded so that the program will continue to be fun and fair for everyone.

How do I know what Collectibles sets are available?

We know we can do a better job letting everyone know what is available and what is happening to the program.  We will communicate more frequently on the Cheezburger Blog in the short-term, and we’ll create a new Collectibles-only blog in the near future.  In addition, we will be announcing the new weekly Collectibles sets in our LOLmart weekly newsletter (where we also announce the new Shirts of the Week) — you can sign up for the newsletter here.

What happened last week?

We had a number of old sets running that should not have been available due to some technical issues.  The easiest way for us to deal with the situation was to turn off all the I Can Has Cheezburger? sets.  We understand the suddenness and the lack of communication caused a lot of confusion and even some hurt feelings.  We are sorry about that.  Stay tuned; we are working on ideas that will allow you to be able to complete the sets that were retired, like the LOLrus set.

Change brings uncertainty, but we are listening to your feedback and concerns and are here to answer any questions you may have. We want to make this fun for more people. We want to find ways to add and grow Collectibles to make it full of fun things, random surprises, special collectible designs, and more!

Thanks for your patience and your feedback.


The Cheezburger Team