Feedback on New Section Ideas for Cheezburger

Hi Burgers,

We’ve been brainstorming new sections/topics to add to our network of sites, and we’d love to hear your feedback on what trending or funny content you’d like to see. Cast your vote in the poll below of some possible ideas or add your own suggestion in the comments below.

Thank you for your feedback!




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School of Fail, a New Site from Cheezburger!

It’s only February, but we’ve already found enough scholastic fails to fill a whole new site! Head to School of Fail between periods to catch up on all the best fails from high school, college and beyond. Extra credit if you read every page and write a a failbook report.


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Animal Gifs, a New Site from Cheezburger!

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Animals and gifs. Your two favorite Internet ingredients are together at last on Cheezburger’s delicious new site: Animal Gifs! Head over while these gifs are still piping hot and never share old sauce with your friends again.


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Animal Videos, a New Site from Cheezburger!

Ready! Set! SQUEE!

I Can Has Cheezburger’s latest site, Animal Videos, is sure to perk up your morning faster than a triple shot cattuccino. We’ve got super cute footage of the Internet’s most adorable and hilarious animals, from kittens to lizards and everything in between. Just click play, lean back, relax, and say “aww.”


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Introducing Our Newest Site: Meme Animals

Come one, come all to our newest site: Meme Animals. Meme Animals is a meme-nagerie of famous internet critters. From Business Cat to Pickup Line Panda, they’re all on display!

All in all, it’s been a fine year for cat memes. We saw the rise of Chemistry CatNyan CatLenin Cat, and so many more! Have a look at Meme Animals’ gallery of the biggest, bestest memes of the year, and let us know which cat meme is your favorite in the comments!


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Cheezburger Geek Weekend Spotlight: Dropping the Science

Memebase’s new site is Dropping the Science. It features cool science news, amazing science experiments, astonishing science photos and some very silly science memes. You can even experience the view of space from the International Space Station without leaving the comfort of your home (see video below).

There’s not much to say because there is so much to learn and so little time. Put on your scientist goggles and head over to Dropping the Science today.


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Cheezburger Geek Weekend Spotlight: Set Phasers to LOL

Geek Weekend at Cheezburger continues with today’s spotlight on Set Phasers to LOL.

Boldly go where no LOL has gone before and journey to Cheezburger’s new Science Fiction and Fantasy Site. Get your geek on and check out Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Twilight (or anti-Twilight) content, and much much MOAR!

While it’s clear who the greatest Dad in the galaxy is, the debate continues: Which side are you on? Star Wars or Star Trek? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more Geek Weekend sites!


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